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Probiotic Skin Care: Can Bacteria Really Protect Skin?


In this beauty trend, bacteria are supposed to protect the skin.

Probiotic nutrition – most people are now familiar with it. To put it simply, probiotic foods (especially yogurt) are supposed to ensure smooth digestion and a healthy intestinal flora thanks to the bacteria they contain - mostly lactic acid or bifidobacteria, which in turn supports the immune system. Sounds great? It is. And that's probably why a new beauty trend is transferring the principle to our appearance: probiotic skincare is on everyone's lips right now. What exactly is behind it?

Probiotic Skin Care: Can Bacteria Really Protect Skin?
Even, healthy skin - a dream that could come a little closer thanks to probiotic care products.

Beauty trend probiotic skincare: Can the principle of nutrition be transferred to our appearance?

In order to really understand what probiotics can do, it is necessary to go back at this point: Probiotics affect our microbiome, i.e. all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and small organisms that occur naturally in our body (such as the example in the digestive tract, but also on the skin). The thesis: The more good bacteria are supplied through food or supplements, the more strengthened is the fragile system, which can easily become unbalanced. It reacts extremely sensitively to factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and stress - in the case of the skin also to harmful environmental influences and synthetic substances such as those found in many cosmetic and household products.

Beauty trend probiotic skincare: Can the principle of nutrition be transferred to our appearance? | Probiotic Skin Care: Can Bacteria Really Protect Skin?
Probiotic foods such as yogurt or supplements in the form of drinks or tablets can now be found in every supermarket - but what about beauty?

This is where probiotic skincare comes in: Certain beneficial extracts of "good" bacteria that have a positive influence on skin health are added to care products. The aim is to settle good bacteria in particularly sensitive or damaged areas and thus activate the microbiome so that there is a further increase in good bacteria and thus better skin protection. Thanks to the body's protective shield of good bacteria, bad bacteria can't settle in the first place.

Probiotic Skincare: This is important to note

However, caution is advised: Even if we mean well with the care, the microbiome can quickly be thrown out of balance, for example, if there is no shortage of good bacteria at all, i.e. there is an "over-colonization", or if a product simply does not fit the respective skin type and its needs. In any case, it is advisable to ask a dermatologist and/or beauty salon for an assessment.

However, when used correctly, probiotic skincare can do a lot: It can help people with acne, neurodermatitis, eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis, in particular, to bring their skin back into balance. Bazaar tip: Since the skin is not called the mirror of our inner being for nothing, it makes sense to think of skincare and probiotic nutrition together for a balanced microbiome. Beauty goes through the stomach!

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