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Here'S What Not To Do With Purple Shampoo


Among the hair care products designed to maintain blond hair, purple shampoo is essential for flawless color. But it can quickly become your coloring's worst enemy if you don't use it correctly.

Here's What Not to do with Purple Shampoo

Blonde is a hair color that fascinates and still seduces so many women (and men at the same time). To have the pleasure of wearing it, you generally have to go through coloring or even bleaching when you want to become blonde when you have brown hair because it is a color that is rather rare naturally. Difficult to maintain because it can quickly lack shine when it dries out the hair to the point of dulling it, it also has the annoying tendency to take on unsightly yellow reflections.

But these undesirable reflections specific to blond hair can be erased by using a purple shampoo, a cleansing treatment with a pigmented formula that neutralizes them to restore a pretty, radiant blond. Presented as an almost “magical” hair treatment, this shampoo must however be used with care so that it reveals the beauty of your blond because it is less known, but it can also turn your blond color purplish or give it a bluish appearance if you abuse it. Explanations.

Blonde hair: The mistake not to make with purple shampoo

The purple shampoo is not used as a classic shampoo. A bit like a repigmenting shampoo, it is a product that subtly colors the hair. When it is used, it is also left to rest for a few minutes in the hair while the pigments are deposited on the hair fiber to erase the yellow-coppery reflections that you want to get rid of. It is therefore important not to use it with each shampoo when you use it just to maintain a blonde and prevent possible yellowish reflections. Unless you have a color that has faded and requires repeated applications to get rid of it, you risk giving your hair an unwanted lilac color by applying it with every wash. The risk is all the greater if you are platinum blonde because the purple color will take better in your ultra light blonde hair.

Purple shampoo: How to use it?

It is recommended to use a purple shampoo about once every fortnight to maintain the purity of your blonde. This frequency can however be revised upwards if you are platinum blond because your hair is particularly prone to yellowish reflections. You can therefore do up to one purple shampoo per week if you find that the rhythm of one shampoo every fortnight is not enough.

Our advice: do not hesitate to inquire about existing products because the intensity of the color of the product can help you choose the most suitable treatment for your blond hair. The darker the purple shampoo, the greater its corrective effect. A light purple shampoo will be sufficient in prevention, while a more colored product will be more effective for installed reflections.

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