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Nail Polish Trend: All Fashionable Italians Now Wear This Bright Color


Indigo blue is the new red for nails, even for classically dressed women. This can be seen, among other things. with Giorgia Tordini.

Nail Polish Trend: All Fashionable Italians Now Wear This Bright Color

This nail polish trend ensures a good mood on cold days: Bright blue

Blue is the new red of the trend colors for autumn 2021. This shade has been on the rise for a long time, especially in its dark, almost black version. Chanel brought him to the catwalks at his haute couture fashion show in autumn 2020. From now on, the indigo blue, pastel shades are more likely to take the first places in the ranking of nail colors that will be seen in the coming months. At least that's what some Italians like Giorgia Tordini, co-founder of The Attico and expert in turning their ideals of beauty into trends, say beforehand. As her half-length hair became one of the trends of the year last year, so will her long, blue-painted nails.

We know that Italian women have a deeply rooted tradition and a weakness for manicures, that they are very faithful to the classic red, and that they do not neglect their care or their make-up. Giorgia's sister Giulia, founder of the Leda Madera jewelry brand, took inspiration from her grandmother's immaculately manicured nails (and her long, ringed hands) when creating her pieces. This nostalgic reminiscence undoubtedly confirms that Italian women are more than decisive pioneers in this field.

But back to the blue nail color: manicure experts: inside rave about the variability. For Ana Olivares, director of the beauty center of the same name, which works with leading brands such as LCN and Deborah Lippmann, blue is one of the most popular colors among her customers. "And not only by young people but also by women of all ages. Goes very well with all colors: black, beige, white, red ... No matter what you wear, it looks good and is much easier to combine than orange or pink. It is also the color of the sky, the sea... It is a shade that is associated with positive things and that puts you in a good mood, "says the expert. She even recommends using it in combination with a pedicure and French nails.

Even if it seems that this shade is reserved for a more daring audience, Giorgia Tordini and other Italians, as enthusiastic red fans show that it definitely has a chance of replacing the classic. "The manicure is still an important part of a successful look. This blue is the perfect shade for women who opt for navy blue or black coats or trench coats. It is a good alternative to black and red tones for the nails", says Erica Da Silva, director of MyLittleMoMó. Since this is an eye-catching color, keep in mind that it is best for hands that do not have pronounced stains or veins, as it could visually emphasize them.

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