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Trend: Leïla Bekhti Sports A New Look On Instagram


Who says new season, says new cut? To see, but the fact remains that we are a fan of the latest hairstyle, very trendy, of one of the favorite actresses of the French.

Trend: Leïla Bekhti sports a new look on Instagram

Leïla Bekhti usually uses her Instagram account to post a few rare pictures of her husband Tahar Rahim, many with Géraldine Nakache, whom she considers to be her sister or file photos to tease Gilles Lelouche or Jonathan Cohen, of whom she is a close friend. Lately, the actress has also spoken out to denounce racism, sexism, and homophobia, which unfortunately are not on the decline. She comes back with more lightness and an Instagram publication liked more than 80,000 times. Miss Agnès, comments for example "You give me the name of your secret for such beautiful and long hair?" Leïla did not answer but we allow ourselves to do it for her.

Trend: Leïla Bekhti sports a new look on Instagram
Instagram: @leilabekhti

Long hair and extension

L’Oréal Paris muse for several years now, the actress has never ceased to dazzle us with her naturalness and beauty, and this time she returns with long, very long hair, far from her usual square. So you wonder how the magic happened? She probably wears extensions that are larger than life and allow her to go from one length to another without much effort. Different types of extensions exist clips, adhesive strips, or rings. This is the beauty tip to adopt if you have understood that it was actually not possible to go from short to long as quickly when we quickly went to the hairdresser to ask for the opposite. and ultimately regret it.

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