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Healthy Hair: 5 Mistakes You Make Subconsciously


You can do and do, care for, and oil as much as you want - your hair just doesn't want to have a healthy shine? Then maybe it's just little things to blame that you didn't even know are damaging your hair. Which are they? We reveal here.

No-gos for healthy hair: You are making these 5 mistakes quite unconsciously

No-gos for healthy hair: You are making these 5 mistakes quite unconsciously | Healthy hair: 5 mistakes you make subconsciously
Instagram: @jastookes - Think you are doing everything right in taking care of your hair? Some mistakes may be made quite unconsciously...

5 care mistakes that almost everyone makes - and that strain the hair in the process

1. No-Go: Leave long hair open overnight

Anyone who has long hair and often struggles with tangled strands in the morning, which in many cases then has to be treated with heat and the like, can look after their mane overnight. This is done by pinning your hair together instead of leaving it open. A tight hair tie is not suitable for this - unless you prefer broken hair to tangled strands - not. Instead, use a light scrunchie that doesn't pull the hair but still holds it together.


2. No-go for the hair: Too many scalp peelings

Scalp scrubs are without question useful to thoroughly cleanse the scalp of styling residues, sebum, and dirt. But only in moderation! As with facial scrubs, too regular and intensive use can irritate the skin. And then one thing leads to another: an inflamed scalp and damaged hair are not long in coming. Tip: One scalp scrub per week is enough.

3. No-go for the hair: the wrong pillowcase

Well, this is not a classic no-go - cotton covers work without problems for most of us. But if you struggle with extremely dry and frizzy hair, you should think about getting a pillowcase made of silk. Incidentally, this also has another advantage: the sensitive facial skin is also spared, wrinkles have less chance.

4. No-go for the hair: dry shampoo as a shampoo substitute

Dry shampoo can be a real lifesaver - on days when there is no time to wash your hair, but the roots are already shiny and greasy. That's why we love the beauty product so much! However, here too it is as it always is: Its use should be carried out in moderation! Dry shampoo is and remains a styling and not a cleaning product.

5. No-Go: Sleep with your hair wet

It is late, the hair is still wet - but it should be spared from the hot blow dryer. The Struggle is real! But going to bed with your hair wet is not a good way out. Because this creates a moist environment in which bacteria can multiply particularly well. Better: Blow dry your hair briefly on a medium setting so that it air-dries faster. In the end, this puts less strain on the strands than going to sleep with your hair wet.

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