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Hair Clips: Insert Bobby Pins Correctly - Tips &Amp; Tricks


This is how you use the clips correctly!

We all know them, we all use them: bobby pins! But did you know that many of us use the slightly ribbed hair clips, which always like to disappear in handbags, beauty cases, and the like, completely wrong? We'll show you how to correctly insert bobby pins so that they fix your hairstyle properly and look good at the same time.

Hair Clips: Insert Bobby Pins Correctly - Tips & Tricks

The Big Bobby Pin Mistake: Wearing the Scalloped Side Up!

Bobby pins should not be missing in any well-stocked beauty drawer. But using it is not as easy as you might think! Although these are only a few centimeters, small hairstyle helpers, you can do a lot wrong when putting them together. For example, most of us use bobby pins the wrong way round!

The Big Bobby Pin Mistake: Wearing the Scalloped Side Up! | Hair Clips: Insert Bobby Pins Correctly - Tips & Tricks
Oops! Emma Stone wears bobby pins wrong too.

Did you know that the ribbed side of the hair clip belongs on the bottom because it simply sticks better in the hair? Even more helpful tips for the "species-appropriate" use of the cool hair clips are now to follow.

Bobby Pins: Correctly inserted is half fixed

Whether it’s a complicated updo or a loosely pinned-back style: you can do something to make your hairstyle last before you even come into contact with bobby pins and strands of hair:

Bobby Pins: Correctly inserted is half fixed | Hair Clips: Insert Bobby Pins Correctly - Tips & Tricks
Singer Pixie Lott also likes to wear cool bobby pin hairstyles.

Pro tip: For an extra-strong hold, always insert two bobby pins into your hair in opposite directions. Even those who form a small cross with two clips end up with a more durable hairstyle. Whether cross or not is of course a matter of taste. When you put the two bobby pins straight into your hair, it looks like a single clip, which can be advantageous for many hairstyles.

Shopping tip: Not all Bobby Pins are the same

There are as many different bobby pins on the market as there are individual hair types: ribbed, straight, curved, stable, elastic, coarse, or filigree.

You should decide which bobby pins you choose based on your hair structure: For women with very thick, unruly hair, the coarse bobby pins are suitable, the sides of which are bent a few millimeters apart and ribbed. Serrated clips grip thick hair better and hold strands and braids together as best they can.

The filigree, short bobby pins made of stable, straight material are suitable for women with thin hair. It is important that your bobby pins do not bend quickly, otherwise, a durable hairstyle will quickly become a mess.


Buying bobby pins: you still have to consider that

When buying the hair clips, make sure that the ends have small plastic or rubber coatings or that the metal is at least polished to a rounded shape. This will protect your hair from breakage and your scalp from injury.

Bobby pins are already available for a few USD in drugstores such as dm or Rossmann, some supermarkets, or online. Those who attach great importance to high quality can fall back on branded products.

If you want the bobby pins to be inconspicuous, it's best to buy clips that match your hair color and do the job with no frills.

Bobby pins are essential! With the right plugging technique and the tips and tricks mentioned, the subtle hair clips will help you to achieve a really cool and, above all, long-lasting look. Are you ready to bobby pin?

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