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Thin Hair: 6 Tips That Really Work To Thicken Them!


If you want to display denser hair, you need to put the odds in your favor. In this article, we reveal 6 tips to apply simultaneously in order to see your hair thicken for real!

Thin Hair: 6 Tips That Really Work To Thicken Them!
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Hair with great density, movement, and good health, please! People with fine hair know better than anyone how difficult it can be to style such hair on a daily basis. If this is your case, know that all is not lost. Indeed, just because your hair is thin (by nature or for a shorter or longer time) does not mean that it is doomed to stay that way forever. It's a fact - even though many don't believe it anymore - there are some simple habits to adopt every day that can help thicken hair! Are you not satisfied with your hair mass? Do you feel like you are losing too much hair (beware, a loss of 100 a day is normal)? However, you are not having any particular worries at this time (high stress, hormonal changes, health problems, etc.)? In this case, take note of the six tips that follow. Applying them to the letter may allow you to finally sport the hair you've always dreamed of!

1 - Treat your scalp

First advice: do not be satisfied with acting only on the level of the hair fiber, rather try to treat the problem at the source by taking a closer look at the condition of your scalp... It is a fact: difficult to 'display a beautiful voluminous hair when it is not healthy. To remedy this, many gestures can be adopted: massage his scalp to stimulate blood circulation (and thus hair growth), brush his hair morning and evening to rid it of dead cells, exfoliate his scalp once a month to purify it and eliminate product residues that accumulate there, use treatments intended for the treatment of this very specific area... Integrated into your hair routine, these practices targeting the scalp will not be able to that have beneficial effects on the growth and thickness of your hair.

For even greater efficiency, why not try out one of the most popular techniques of the moment: dermarolling? Capable of energizing the hair follicles, activating blood circulation, increasing the effectiveness of the care provided, stimulating the dermis... this small wheel equipped with hundreds of micro-needles does not only limit hair loss, it promotes their regrowth and helps them gain mass. To use it, all you need to do is roll it over your scalp, wherever you feel your hair is lacking in density. Be careful not to press the tool too much on your head, not to use it more than once a week, but above all: to always use a disinfected derma roller (with alcohol, for example).

2 - Adopt an adapted hair routine

Do you have thin, thinning hair that is sorely lacking in density and wants it to thicken as quickly as possible? In that case, don't be counterproductive by applying a hair routine that doesn't meet your hair's needs. Here are our tips:

Already, it is essential that you avoid as much as possible anything that is likely to attack your hair: shampoos containing sulfates, too aggressive coloring, use of heating devices, too-frequent washing, regular rubbing... Fine hair is fragile, care should be taken not to further damage their cuticle (in other words, their outer protective layer) awkwardly. It is for these reasons that we recommend that you limit as much as possible the attacks by relying on the contrary on practices better suited to the nature of your hair: mild shampoos enriched with natural agents, finger drying, no more than two to three weekly washes at most, protective hairstyles… Your hair will only be better for it!

3 - Bet on natural care

After you have parted with all the products that could attack your fine hair, you will need to replace them with healthier and more protective alternatives. Good news: many natural ingredients are recognized for their densifying properties. Take the example of ginger: applied at the roots, it hydrates and repairs, but above all, stimulates blood circulation, which will have the effect of activating hair growth and giving it volume. To use it, you can use powdered ginger, which you mix with vegetable oil (olive, for example) to form a malleable paste. You can then apply this mixture to your hair, without forgetting your scalp, and leave it on for at least thirty minutes before taking the shower. Another possibility: henna, a vegetable powder capable of densifying the hair by strengthening and protecting the hair fiber on which it is superimposed. In order to benefit only from its benefits - and not from its coloring power - you will only have to turn to neutral henna, which is used in the same way as its coloring version, but does not modify the color of the hair. . Another great classic for treating hair lacking in volume: castor oil. Particularly rich in fatty acid, it nourishes the hair in-depth, making it both thicker and resistant. Thanks to its many benefits, it is the vegetable oil most often recommended for the treatment of fine hair. To apply it, we advise you to mix it with another oil of your choice, preferably more fluid. Castor oil is very viscous, so you can more easily distribute it throughout your hair. Be careful, as fatty substances are likely to weigh down fine hair, do not overdo it and limit yourself to one oil bath per week, followed by a good shampoo.

4 - Cut your ends regularly

If you make such a change in your hair routine, you might be tempted to let your hair grow at its own pace so that you can quickly see the first results. But now, to really gain thickness, your hair needs to be cut regularly! This is because the ends - which wear out naturally despite all your efforts - need to be refreshed on average every two to three months so that the condition of the hair does not deteriorate too much. Without it, the hair becomes even more refined, the split ends multiply, the hair is more difficult to comb and breaks ... A real nightmare that can ruin all your beautiful resolutions! And don't expect to be able to repair your split ends: to regain healthy (and therefore thicker) hair, you have to cut. So what are you waiting for to get off to a healthy start? Not to mention a refreshed haircut, it is also a chance, in addition, to adorn your hair with volume! The gradient? The perfect option if you want to gain density without losing too much length.

4 - Cut your ends regularly | Thin Hair: 6 Tips That Really Work To Thicken Them!
4 - Cut your ends regularly | Thin Hair: 6 Tips That Really Work To Thicken Them!
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5 - Act from the inside too

Same observation as for the skin: very often, when it comes to taking care of our hair, we tend to focus on the care applied directly to the hair fiber, forgetting that what is happening inside our body is the basis of everything. This is why - even if it may sound basic - making sure your diet is balanced and drinking 1.5 liters of water per day is absolutely essential. Is your goal to thicken your hair? In this case, we recommend that you favor foods rich in protein, zinc, iron, vitamins (A, B, C, and E), as well as fatty acids. It is thanks to this intake of various elements that you can hope to regain healthy hair, breathing health. Poor nutrition can, on the contrary, negatively affect the growth and thickness of your hair. And if you need a real boost: food supplements have everything you need to become your best allies. You just need to choose them according to your deficiencies (in which case we advise you to rely on the advice of a nutritionist) or to turn to food supplements specially designed to promote healthy hair.

6 - Cheat a little

To thicken your hair, you can also rely on techniques with more immediate results - although temporary - which do not depend on the good health of the hair. Certain products will allow you to densify your fine hair until the next shampoo: spray, powder, mousse ... You are spoiled for choice! Another possibility: coloring. Balayage, for example, has the art of creating the illusion of volume in hair by playing with shadows and highlights. Be careful, however, not to use coloring techniques that are too aggressive for your fine hair, otherwise, you will get the opposite result!

Keep in mind that - although this last tip promises immediate results - these effects are fleeting and will only make your hair look more voluminous, without actually being.

Is your hair thin and you want to thicken it? You know what you have left to do! By following these six tips to the letter, you will be able to quickly see convincing results. Your turn now!

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