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3 New Autumn/Winter Hairstyles - Without A Hairdresser


You don't necessarily have to go to the hairdresser for a beautiful autumn/winter look. Spice up your look in no time with these three easy hairstyles.

3 New Autumn/Winter Hairstyles - Without A Hairdresser
How about B. with a "fake" pony?

If you want to save yourself a visit to the hairdresser, but still long for a new look for the cold autumn/winter season, we have some great ideas! These ingenious hair tricks are real game changers. With them, you can conjure up a completely new hairstyle without even having to go to the hairdresser! Awesome, isn't it?

1. "Fake" pony

Have you been struggling with the idea of cutting your bangs for a long time, but are still unsure? Then you can try the pony hairstyle now! With a few simple steps, you can use the ends of your hair as bangs and create a completely new look. Simply make a high ponytail, twist your hair a few times and then place it over your forehead. Pin the whole thing with a headband, style the bangs, and the new look is ready! In the video you can see the exact instructions:

1. `Fake` pony | 3 New Autumn/Winter Hairstyles - Without A Hairdresser

2. "Fake" bob

Do you fancy a bob but also long hair? We all know this dichotomy. But with this ingenious hairstyle hack, he's a thing of the past. Autumn/winter in particular is a great time to try out the bob. Just wear a cozy turtleneck and tuck your hair into the sweater. Loosen the hair up a little so that it looks a little wilder and pull z. B. a strand all the way out. You can also pin the front hair to the side with a great clip. Either way, this simple hairstyle looks great.

2. `Fake` bob | 3 New Autumn/Winter Hairstyles - Without A Hairdresser

3. Voluminous ponytail

A simple ponytail is a nice basic hairstyle, but in the fall/winter we wear a little thicker. The voluminous ponytail is easy to conjure up and looks twice as thick and full as the normal one. The highlight: Two ponytails are made on top of each other, starting with the top one. Then the hair should be styled a little. The result: the ponytail is suddenly twice as thick and voluminous!

3. Voluminous ponytail | 3 New Autumn/Winter Hairstyles - Without A Hairdresser

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