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Here'S Why White Hair Will Be Everywhere In 2023


More popular than ever, the natural shade will be proudly displayed... Naturally white and gray hair has never been so popular. Shades are among the top colors that will be all the rage in 2021. Forget coloring to hide white hair. It is a need for authenticity that will sublimate our hair in 2021.

Here's why white hair will be everywhere in 2023

Like a white flag, the graying hair is proudly displayed. Some women have made peace with this natural color, which can be tricky to adopt at first. In question? Social pressure, prejudices, or even the relentless return to old age. Of course, the appearance of the first white hair can signify a passage, regardless of our age ... But don't we say that youth is in the head?

November 2020, Caroline of Monaco reveals her white hair for the first time. The princess decides to embrace this silvery shade and show it off. She thus joins Letizia of Spain who had also decided not to cover her up anymore. A small revolution in the heart of royalty, where the image is scrutinized in every detail. The Iberian newspapers saw in this silver hair a "commitment" and a "triumph towards the natural". And if the immaculate color has conquered the spheres of royalty, it also gains its letters of nobility in the hearts of French women.

White hair shade 2021

"Over the past two years, I have noticed an influx of French women kissing their gray and white hair." explains hairdresser Ciara Constenoble to TZR, which dedicates an article to the most popular hair colors in France. Among the multiple shades pointed out by the magazine, in the web editorial office, we spotted this powerful color and decided to highlight it. The ultimate factor that has boosted the popularity of gray hair? The Covid-19 epidemic! It must be said that the closure of hairdressing salons during confinement has completely upset beauty routines. It’s impossible to touch up the roots or hide gray hair by leaving it to the expert hands of a professional.

Faced with this, many women choose to let their hair live naturally by displaying its silvery strands. The media also interviewed Damien Boissinot, creative hairstylist for René Furterer who confirms: "I think this is the best time to show off your gray hair if you feel ready. It will always be possible to go back to the color from before if you do not like it". Does the year 2021 invite us to see life in gray? The future will tell.

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