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These Gestures That Damage Your Hair And That Must Absolutely Be Banned


We all dream of beautiful, strong, healthy hair, and what if we told you that sometimes we have something to do with it if it doesn't grow properly? Here are some things to avoid damaging your hair.

These Gestures That Damage Your Hair And That Must Absolutely Be Banned

The cult of long hair is often synonymous with beauty in many cultures, but it can be difficult to grow it the way you want it to. Too damaged, brittle, flat, falling out, the list of damage that we sometimes inflict on our hair is long! Of course, our environment, our food, and pollution also have a lot to do with it, but if we can limit damage, why not? We start with a gesture that we are used to making but of which we do not necessarily suspect the consequences. Tying our hair too often weakens and breaks it over time. So consider limiting ponytails and updos and opt for a less devastating braid instead. On the other hand, if your hair is damaged, don't hesitate to cut it to get it off on a better footing. Cut your ends regularly to revitalize your hair and see the difference.

Heat sources to avoid

So yes, sometimes we like to have well-disciplined hair and eliminate frizz, but beware of abuse! The heat damages your hair and promotes the development of split ends. Brushing after each shower means no, or at least think about spraying your hair with a thermal protection treatment to limit the damage. Also, avoid rinsing your mane with hot water. Why? Because the water at too high a temperature irritates your hair and scalp and weakens them... Besides, there is another bad habit that you must try to get rid of. Washing your hair every day is too much because it will be deprived of the natural oils that are supposed to protect it from everyday attacks. It may seem hard for some to do, but try washing your hair with a minimum of two days' shampoo intervals.

No, the colors galore

It's nice to jump on the first hair trends, but first, you have to think about the health of your hair and not change color like changing your underwear. Indeed, switching from one color to another causes a lot of inconvenience to your hair, which ends up dry and very weakened. The risk is that you will lose a lot of it, that it will not grow as much as it used to, and that the mass you were proud of will diminish. Finally, don't forget to clean your brushes as well as your combs. Like makeup brushes, your brushes are full of dust and residue but also oils from your hair... You now understand why your scalp is sometimes quickly greasy even though you had washed your hair the night before. Washing with soap and water will be more than enough, and if your styling accessories are too damaged, consider throwing them away and buying more. Your hair will thank you for it.

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