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Make A Diy Hair Treatment Yourself From Just 3 Ingredients


Brittle, dry hair? On the other hand, there are a lot of care products - but many of them contain synthetic ingredients. But we can also easily make a nourishing hair treatment ourselves at home - we know what's in it. You are guaranteed to have the ingredients for this easy DIY hair treatment in your kitchen!

Make A DIY Hair Treatment Yourself From Just 3 Ingredients
A nourishing hair treatment is very easy to make yourself - from natural ingredients.

Make A DIY Hair Treatment Yourself From Just 3 Ingredients
For shiny and healthy hair, you need a specific ingredient that you are guaranteed to have at home.

Make your own hair mask against brittle hair

If you have long, dry, or quickly brittle hair, you should definitely pamper the lengths regularly. An extra portion of moisture and nourishing nutrients are a must here! In addition to a conditioner, which is essential after every hair wash, you should use a hair treatment about once a week. It supplies the hair with moisture, strengthens it, and gives it a silky shine.

You can easily make a nourishing hair mask yourself at home - with just 3 ingredients. This hair treatment is ecological, done quickly and you know exactly what's in it. And best of all: You are guaranteed to have the ingredients already there!

Recipe for DIY hair treatment: yogurt and olive oil mask for brittle hair

Our hair consists of proteins, more precisely the fiber protein creatine. If you have very brittle hair, you usually have a deficiency in protein. This makes it unstable and easier to break. The solution: A protein-rich source supplies your hair with valuable nutrients.



  1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl until a creamy mass is obtained.
  2. After washing, apply the mixture to damp hair and massage everything in well.
  3. After about 15 minutes of exposure, wash everything off under lukewarm (not hot!) Water.
  4. Repeat the application weekly.

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