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Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021


When it comes to giving the world a trending hairstyle via your style, a fresh new hairstyle is a way to go. So if you want to show everyone that you are young, fun, and wild, why not go for a bold blue ombre. This totally trendy cut has been popular for a while now, but we see girls having two natural tones like blonde and brown when styling ombre. If you dare to throw a few colors of sapphire into the mix, expect a lot of heads to turn! We just can't get enough of gorgeous blue ombre. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles for blue ombre hair to inspire you.

Stunning light blue hairstyle

Stunning light blue hairstyle | Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021

This stunning hairstyle shows off shades of steel silver and light blue. The large curls add texture and movement to the hair. If you go for this look, your hair will look healthier than ever.

Mermaid princess

Mermaid princess | Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021

Let's be honest Who didn't grow up wanting to be a mermaid princess? Now you can make your childhood dreams come true with its shimmering blue and green look. These colors look especially great on girls with long, flowing locks and lots of time to groom their hair.

2 colored ombre

2 colored ombre | Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021

Here is another style that uses a mix of blue and green. We just can't get enough of these two colors put together. It stands out even more from black or very dark brown hair.

Shades of blue with light blonde hair

Shades of blue with light blonde hair | Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021

Shades of blue can look just as great with ice blonde hair. If you want to stand out from the crowd this summer, get this cut for inspiration and add some blue tones to the ends of your beach waves.


Transition cut

Transition cut | Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021

You don't necessarily have to style your blue ombre with a dark black or an icy blonde color. This woman proves that the style can work just as well with a soft, natural brown. We love the smooth transition from brunette to blue.

Wild bob hairstyle

Wild bob hairstyle | Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021

If blue ombre just happens to not be brave enough for you, rest assured that these trendy styles with a sleek, tiered bob are sure to be the case. This effortless haircut never goes out of style and the shades of blue give it a lovely look.

Shaved sides with ombre

Shaved sides with ombre | Blue Ombre Hairstyles 2021

Shaving one side is another way to double up the ombre of this style. The shaved side is an edgy look that can be worn by confident, long, flowing locks or even short pixie cuts.

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