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Lipsticks In Shades Of Brown - Which Is Why We Are Now Focusing On The 90S Trend


Lipsticks in shades of brown bring the 90s nostalgia back to life and give you a feeling of security in times of change.

For the whole of last year I only used minimal make-up, apart from the occasional eye make-up to hide my tiredness, I did not use lipsticks or other beauty products. I wasn't a big makeup wearer right from the start, and with all that mask-wearing, I wanted to give my face a break, especially to avoid blemishes. Instead of gaudy eyeshadow and bright eyeliner, I recently learned to appreciate the power of lipstick - and that of a very special lipstick.

Lipsticks In Shades Of Brown - Which Is Why We Are Now Focusing On The 90s Trend

Bobbi Brown's lipstick embodies 90s nostalgia

In a time of change, I have clung to what I know, which means that my choice of entertainment came with a large dose of nostalgia. Watching old music videos like "Are You That Somebody?" by Aaliyah, not only brings back memories of dancing in front of the TV and trying to imitate their movements but also provides a wealth of beauty inspiration. While holding a hawk in the music video, Aaliyah makes mocha lipstick and pearly green eye shadow look like an effortless equation.

The warmer weather also makes me dream of trying the brown and burgundy lipsticks that you see on Nina Mosley (Nia Long) in my favorite 1997 film, Love Jones. The whole film has a particularly atmospheric charisma that I would like to spray again myself at some point.

Bobbi Brown's lipstick embodies 90s nostalgia | Lipsticks In Shades Of Brown - Which Is Why We Are Now Focusing On The 90s Trend
The brown lipstick was already a must-have for beauty lovers in the 90s.

In the meantime, however, I enjoy creating these vibes in my Zoom meetings with the help of Bobbi Brown's "Crushed Lip Color" in the shade "Dark Chocolate". I've always been drawn to plum reds and browns, but so far I haven't found one that is as easy to build up and as light as this one. It has a nourishing texture, so I never have the feeling that it is drying out or clumping my lips - thanks to castor oil, vitamins E and C, and beeswax, it provides my lips with moisture throughout the day. The matte finish ensures it doesn't smear so I don't have to worry about the lipstick landing on my teeth, chin, or upper lip. In addition, it is not pigmented too much, so I can control myself with each application how dark or light I want it to be.

Apart from the fact that it has now become a must-have for the beauty look at home, this lipstick has given me comfort and an escape from everyday life. He gives me the confidence that I will soon be able to embody my inner Nina Mosley again when visiting a bar near me.

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