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How To Concoct An Oily Hair Mask With Clay In 5 Minutes?


Discover a natural solution against hair that grows too quickly with this homemade clay hair mask to be made in 5 minutes!

How to concoct an oily hair mask with clay in 5 minutes?

In winter, the hair can tend to grease faster. This is due to the differences in hot/cold temperature, prolonged wearing of the hood or cap which accelerates the activity of the sebaceous glands, and, in some cases, an unsuitable care routine (too frequent washing or carried out with aggressive sulphates ). Fortunately, there are natural solutions for oily hair! In this homemade mask imagined by Aroma-Zone, clay, an anti-excess sebum agent par excellence, is combined with two powders of Ayurvedic plants, Neem and Nagarmotha, with purifying properties.

How to use a clay mask for oily hair?

Be careful, this homemade mask can only be applied to the roots, to purify the scalp without affecting the lengths. It is used after shampooing, on damp hair, leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing with clean water.


For a dose of the mask (single-use, cannot be kept):

Easy recipe for a clay hair mask:

Place the Neem, Nagarmotha and Multani mitti clay powders in a bowl.
Gradually add the mineral water, mixing with a Maryse silicone spatula until a smooth and homogeneous paste is obtained.

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