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Ophélie Winter: Her Most Beautiful Haircuts


While she released, on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, "Resilience" an autobiographical book, Ophélie Winter is one of the French stars to have experienced the most color change and hairstyle of the PAF. Review in detail.

Ophélie Winter: Her Most Beautiful Haircuts

She could easily write a hair tutorial called "50 shades of blonde", so Ophélie Winter has tested everything about this successfull hair color. From platinum blonde to baby blonde, from polar blonde so trendy today to golden blonde, she is now wearing the trendy blonde for summer 2021: a caramelized blonde, hair color in very fashionable contrast with roots clearer focused and lengths.

In terms of haircuts too, Ophélie Winter has tested just about everything. Boyish cut, long hair, long hair with the help of extensions, hair very short and flat on the head ... The star of the 90s tried everything and her cuts and hairstyles matched perfectly at the time. Chignon sauerkraut in Cannes for several years in a row, bandana on a short cut, long hair ultra straight or very curly...

Ophélie Winter: Her Most Beautiful Haircuts
Twitter: @HarperCollinsFR

Ophélie Winter with the hair contouring for summer 2021

Naturally curly, Ophélie Winter also plays with the shape of her curls: she puts on very wavy waves, then on wide or on the contrary, very tight curls. In 2021, for the release of her autobiographical book, she is betting on the star hairstyle of the summer, a square with the line drawn in the middle, and light waves.

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