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Strawberry Legs: This Is How You Finally Get Rid Of Dots


Finally skirts, dresses, and shorts again! If only it weren't for those little dark dots. We'll tell you here what helps against so-called strawberry skin and how you can get rid of it!

Strawberry Legs: This Is How You Finally Get Rid Of Dots
Little dots are particularly annoying in summer.

Strawberry Legs: This Is How You Finally Get Rid Of Dots
They are caused, for example, by incorrectly shaving.

Can't wait to swap your trousers for airy dresses and skirts? It is not uncommon for the anticipation to be clouded by tiny dots on the legs: the so-called strawberry skin - also known as "strawberry legs" in America. Indeed, the dots are reminiscent of the tiny seeds on the sweet fruit. But what can be done about it and how can you prevent them? We have the best tips and tricks for you!

Strawberry skin: what is it actually?

For smooth and well-groomed legs, we naturally use razors more often when the temperature rises. Once the hair has been removed, the hair roots or parts of them often remain in the skin and can then often be seen as dark spots on the legs. The darker and thicker the hair on the legs, the more it stands out. The points are nothing more than the opening of the hair follicle. Sometimes these can catch fire. The result: We feel uncomfortable and may even hide our legs. But not only the shave can benefit this. A genetic predisposition or friction - for example due to clothing that is too tight - can also favor strawberry legs. So do we have to give up shaving altogether?

Strawberry legs: This is how you get rid of those annoying dots

To take a bath

A bath is twice as worthwhile: because it is not only wonderfully relaxing but also prepares our skin optimally for the shave. The pores are opened, the hair becomes softer - the risk of strawberry legs or razor burn is significantly reduced.


Use an exfoliator

Peelings are particularly effective in the fight against strawberry skin. As on the face, the skin on the legs can become clogged with oil, dirt, and sebum residues. In addition, dead skin can be easily removed. The skin is significantly smoother and therefore perfectly prepared for the shave.

The right razor

How often do you change the blade on your razor? To prevent strawberry legs, you should change them regularly. The sharper the blade, the easier it is to remove hair. A safety razor like this bestseller model is particularly effective - but should be used with caution. By the way, you should avoid disposable razors. Because they are not only harmful to our environment but also often cause small, dark spots.

Shaving gel

When things have to be done quickly, the razor is often used without much preparation. Although the gel or moisture cushions on the razor head increase the gliding ability of the blades, they are often not sufficient. A shaving gel is recommended so that the razor glides smoothly and gently over the skin. Even small inflammations are less likely.

Regular application of lotion

Well-moisturized skin not only looks more even and more beautiful, but it also makes it much more difficult for the small points. Because shaving really dries out the skin. This can be remedied by moisturizing lotions or body oils that you can apply to the skin after shaving. Tip: choose a product without fragrances. These can also irritate the skin.

Change the shaving method

The dark dots still don't want to go away? Then you should try an alternative hair removal method - for example, wax or epilation. This epilator model is particularly popular. Because strawberry legs can (unfortunately) still be avoided most effectively if you do without the razor entirely.

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