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Curly Girl Method: How To Get Wow Curls?


When it comes to hair, we often want exactly what we don't have. For example, anyone with straight hair dreams of swaying waves. But what if you actually had curls by nature, but didn't even know it? Tadaaa, with the Curly Girl Method you can find out if you have naturally light waves or even curls!

With the curly girl method, you can get wonderful curls in just a few steps

With the curly girl method, you can get wonderful curls in just a few steps | Curly Girl Method: How to Get Wow Curls?
Dreamlike curls like model Alanna Arrington? No problem with the curly girl method!

The theory behind the beauty method invented by US stylist Lorraine Massey: Women with light waves could actually have curls. However, due to incorrect care or overuse, the curly hair does not come out properly.

At the same time, natural curls can be emphasized with the right care. Because a curly girl knows: sometimes the hair becomes tangled when blow-dried or simply dries out. The Curly Girl Method is based on changing your hair routine - and being rewarded with a new look.

We'll tell you which are the right products for your curly or wavy hair to get the most out of it and explain the method to you step by step.

Curly Girl Method: Instructions for your new hair care routine

How does the curly girl method work? First of all: the beauty routine is not that complicated - it just depends on the right products and a few tips. Note your specific hair type:

1. Low-Poo: Use a mild, silicone-free shampoo

You can wash fine hair or light curls with a shampoo - but please not more than every two days.

In any case, use a sulfate-free shampoo that does not contain water-insoluble silicones, drying alcohols, and surfactants so that the moisture can be absorbed by the hair.

Then wash out the shampoo with cold instead of warm water. Yes, it sounds harsh, but the more heat you avoid, the better. In addition, cold water seals the cuticle of the hair, which then shines and is less prone to dryness and dandruff.


2. No-poo: Wash your hair only with a conditioner

Do you have natural curls, waves, or thicker hair? From now on you can say goodbye to your shampoo. Because Lorraine Massey uses conditioner (called "co-washing" or "COW") instead of shampoo for her curly hair method.

Massage the conditioner into damp hair and scalp once a day and wash it off thoroughly with cold water after a few minutes. So the lengths are supplied with sufficient moisture. Make sure you use a silicone-free conditioner here too.

3. Detangle hair: use a comb instead of a brush

If you have to detangle your hair despite the conditioner, please do not use a brush. If you have natural curls, you know the problem with brushing dry hair: the mane becomes tangled and split ends to form. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair. When dry, you should only use your fingers to untangle.

4. Wring out hair? Please do not!

Instead of wringing your hair out, as usual, knead it from bottom to top to remove excess water.

Then you use the so-called plopping method: Place a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt (both are more gentle on the hair than a terry towel, as this removes the natural oils from the hair) over the edge of the bathtub or the sink. Let your hair fall from above onto the towel or t-shirt and wrap a turban. Does that sound weird? In fact, this process prevents the hair texture of your beautiful locks from becoming rough.

5. Use special care for healthy curls

Remove the towel or t-shirt from your head and work a leave-in conditioner into your hair. Alternatively, you can use hair oil, curling cream, or a spray with shea butter or cocoa butter. The main thing is that your hair gets an extra portion of moisture.

If you want, you can work some styling gel into your hair afterward with your hands.

6. Dry hair properly

You can probably already guess it: Air-drying your hair is the best way to protect it. If you can't do without a blow-dryer due to time constraints, use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. This is perfect for curls because the attachment is similar to air drying. The hair is dried and the curly hair is not knotted.

The curly girl method in brief

Here is an overview of all the important rules that you should heed for the curly hair method:

The curly girl method in brief | Curly Girl Method: How to Get Wow Curls?
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Who is the curly girl method suitable for?

As described at the beginning, the method is perfect for curly girls or for women who have light waves, as the bounce of curls can be increased and curls can be formed from waves.

Ultimately, however, smooth, damaged hair also benefits from the method, because it ensures that the hair is cared for in a natural and gentle way without artificial pollutants. And who knows, maybe you'll suddenly spot a few curls after all?


How long does the curly girl method take?

You need to be patient, especially if you have washed your hair with normal shampoo and other conventional care products beforehand.

Since in this case, the silicone residues have to be washed off completely, the hair can look dull at first. But after about three weeks your hair will have got used to the new routine - and you will be rewarded with beautiful hair or defined curls.

How long does the curly girl method take? | Curly Girl Method: How to Get Wow Curls?
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Products for curls: why making the right choice is so important

Proper hair care is a must for wow curls. Otherwise, the strands hang limp, the bounce is almost zero, the hair looks brittle and dry. Note the following care tips:

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