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Hair: 6 Mistakes We All Make When Brushing Our Hair


Are you a fan of brushings? Then it's a safe bet that you are making at least one of these 6 most common mistakes that prevent you from succeeding as well as your hairdresser.

Hair: 6 Mistakes We All Make When Brushing Our Hair

Unless we have the means to afford the services of a hairdressing expert as soon as we want to have our hair done well, we often have the reflex to blow-dry ourselves after shampooing to make savings on our hairdresser appointments which end up costing us dearly. And if it is not impossible to have a blow-dry as beautiful as at the hairdresser thanks to tips to succeed as well as a pro, it is not uncommon for us to make small mistakes using our brush and our hairdryer.

To style your hair without losing your hair health, you have to monitor the temperature of the hairdryer used to blow-dry, use the right tools and hair care, but also do it step by step so you don't forget any. Do you think you are flawless when you brush your hair? Check it out without further delay with our checklist of the 6 most common mistakes when brushing your hair.

Use your hair dryer set to maximum heat

When blow-drying, we tend to believe that the hotter the blow of the hairdryer, the more effective it will be. However, you must avoid overheating your hair because this dries it out, weakens it, and promotes breakage. More often than not, it is not useful to set the temperature of the hairdryer to the maximum heat for styling your hair. An average temperature is more than enough to succeed in blow-drying without damaging your hair too much.

Forgetting to pre-dry our hair

Pre-drying is a neglected step in blow-drying, which nevertheless makes it possible to do it more quickly afterward than on wet hair since it removes the majority of the moisture present in the hair before we move on to styling itself. . As an integral part of blow-drying, it is ideal for facilitating it and reducing the styling time during which the hair is subjected to the heat of the hairdryer.

Do not apply heat protectant before

If we often have the reflex to put it on our locks before straightening or curling them, we generally forget it for blow-drying while the heat of the hairdryer is just as formidable as that of other hairdressing appliances for our hair fiber. Forming a protective shield on our strands to preserve them as much as possible from the drying effects of heat, is an essential treatment to keep hair healthy and soft to the touch despite repeated brushings.


Not choosing the right hairbrush

Brushing is not done with the same hairbrush as a ponytail. To achieve a beautiful brushing that does not lack volume, you need a round brush that will loosen the roots well and will allow both to detangle the hair and to style it under the hot breath of your device. A tip for choosing the right round brush: choose its diameter according to the length of your hair, opting for a larger brush if your hair is long because otherwise your locks may get tangled around too small brushes during styling.

Do not use the nozzle of the hairdryer

It's often taken out of the appliance before being put away and forgotten in a drawer, yet the hair dryer's beak-shaped tip - also called an air concentrator - helps to direct the hot air of the appliance on the wick to facilitate brushing. Think about it next time and equip your device before doing your hair!

Do not fix your hairstyle in the cold air

Activating the cold air button on the hairdryer at the end of blow-drying is a super effective hairdresser's tip for fixing blow-drying. Today, almost all hair dryers have this option and it's not for nothing: it allows your brushing to last longer.

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