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Bobbi Brown: 3 Biggest Beauty Trends Of Spring - Global Art Director Hannah Murray Explains

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Bobbi Brown's new global art director, makeup artist Hannah Murray, shares her top three spring beauty trends with us.

Bobbi Brown: 3 Biggest Beauty Trends of Spring - Global Art Director Hannah Murray explains

Bobbi Brown: Global Artistic Director Hannah Murray names the 3 ultimate beauty trends for spring

There are very few make-up bags that have not been adorned with a Bobbi Brown product at some point. January 16 marks the 30th anniversary of Bobbi Brown - a brand that aims to make women feel good (and look good too). To celebrate such a long time in the beauty industry, the brand has now appointed makeup artist Hannah Murray as global art director.

According to Bobbi Brown's Global Artistic Director: Make-up a far cry from heavy contouring and airbrushed skin

"Bobbi Brown has been a brand I've loved since I started out as a makeup artist," says Murray on the phone. “It's such a popular global brand, and we have very similar philosophies about promoting natural beauty and individuality and empowering women. These are things I've been around for a while, so it feels as if it would fit naturally. " Take a look at Murray's Instagram page and you'll see image after image glowing skin, playful details around the eyes, and eye-catching eyebrows on models and celebrities. Her makeup is real, fresh, and a far cry from the heavy contouring and airbrushed skin that has become popular in recent years.

All of which makes her an excellent cast at a brand known for their products that enhance (rather than obscure) facial features. There she will oversee everything from the fashion shows that Bobbi Brown sponsors to campaigns, training, and product development. She already has experience with the latter as she was working on the (pretty brilliant) Topshop beauty line when it was launched in 2011.

Murray understands both American aesthetics and European sensibility

"I'll be essentially the visual voice of the brand, and I think with everything that has happened in the world, seeing things with fresh eyes and building on Bobbi Brown's legacy is a really defining moment," she says. "I've lived in New York for the past 10 years, and before that in London, and I have a very good understanding of both American aesthetics and European sensibilities and aesthetics - it will be interesting to see how that merges, and I think it will also give the brand a certain freshness. " When it comes to new products, we can expect some "innovation, excitement and fun".

Murray knows what grueling Zoom meetings are all about and believes in the power of beauty - whether it's pampering your skin or applying some mascara - to lift the mood. "There is something ritual about it (skincare and make-up). Just like fresh air and a healthy diet, five to ten minutes for yourself, cleansing your face and body, applying a mask, and massaging the skin are so beneficial. I have a three-year-old son so it's important to take these moments. We all have to take care of ourselves and take some time to ourselves. "

What beauty trends can we expect this year? These are Murray's 3 most important predictions


1. Beauty trend: Spa skin

"Instead of applying 10 products just to walk out the door (like before), now it's about nourishing the skin and making it feel fresh and alive. It's a matter of feeling, but also of its appearance, and it's about texture, not products, you can apply balms - I dab Bobbi Brown's gorgeous lip balm on my cheekbones a lot as it really makes the skin look vibrant, like fresh spa skin.

"I hope we've moved away from Baking and the Cut Crease - I want to see the skin, feel it, and let it breathe." Another of her favorite products is the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, a light moisturizer that gives a subtle pearlescent finish for a "flawless skin effect".

2. Beauty trend: Outdoor glow

"I think everyone wants to look healthy now as if they were outside and not stuck inside for three months! I think of the beauty of real flushed cheeks and freckles." Try the brand's Pot Rouge, a buttery smooth cream blush that blends seamlessly with the skin for a natural finish.

3. Beauty trend: 90s minimalism

"Take an example from the '90s and apply the eyeliner to your waterline to create a snug fit around the eye. That adds a bit of definition, but it's not over the top. Makeup should do the job for you. You want to wear products that are smart, easy to use and work well for you. "

3. Beauty trend: 90s minimalism | Bobbi Brown: 3 Biggest Beauty Trends of Spring - Global Art Director Hannah Murray explains

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