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Boyfriend Bob: Every Woman Now Wants This Casual Bob Hairstyle!


Looking for a casual hairstyle? The boyfriend bob is already one of the trendy hairstyles of the year!

Hardly any hairstyle is as popular as the bob. For years, the hairstyle for medium-length hair has been the absolute hit and is well received by many women. Fortunately, because we sometimes want a change on our head, the bob is always reinventing itself. In 2021 we will wear it very casually as a so-called boyfriend bob.

What is the boyfriend bob?

We already know it from fashion: Feminine outfits are broken up with an extra portion of coolness, for example in the form of loosely fitting boyfriend jeans. And what works in the fashion sector also works with styling. Here, too, we can now rely on an androgynous look.

What is the boyfriend bob? | Boyfriend Bob: Every woman now wants this casual bob hairstyle!
Instagram: @wroonkaa_

In contrast to other, softer hairstyles, the boyfriend bob is characterized by the fact that it is cut straight and without steps. This gives the hair an edgy look, which makes the trend hairstyle so special. It is up to you whether your hair should only go up to your chin or a little longer.

Boyfriend Bob: Who Fits the Trendy Hairstyle?

The good news: The boyfriend bob looks great like pretty much every woman's bob hairstyle. The hairstyle works best on women with narrow and oval facial features, but those with a rather soft, round face can also wear the cut. There are also no problems with the hair structure due to the lack of steps.

Boyfriend Bob: Who Fits the Trendy Hairstyle? | Boyfriend Bob: Every woman now wants this casual bob hairstyle!
Instagram: @lucyhale

How to style the boyfriend bob?

There are no limits when it comes to styling a boyfriend bob! For those who like it uncomplicated, the hairstyle is just the thing, because elaborate styling is not necessary. Of course, the sharp cut comes out best when you wear your hair straight in the middle part.

If you like to have a little more volume in your hair and want to take the "hardness" out of the boyfriend bob, you can twist gentle beach waves into your hair and soften the look. You can create more texture by spraying some volume spray on the roots before blow-drying, salt spray, in turn, creates a cool undone look.

How to style the boyfriend bob? | Boyfriend Bob: Every woman now wants this casual bob hairstyle!
Instagram: @eleanorpendleton

The boyfriend bob is too strict for you? Then the trendy side-swept bob or the uncomplicated elongated bob might be something for you. The new trend hairstyles for 2021 offer you even more inspiration for looks.

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