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Hair: Collarbone Shag Is The Trendiest Bob Cut Right Now… We'Ll See It Everywhere This Summer


The Collarbone shag is the trendy cut of the summer. It combines two popular styles: the shag cut and the long bob that ends just above the collarbone. At stake? A fresh, vintage cut with a rebellious touch.

Hair: Collarbone Shag is The Trendiest Bob Cut Right Now… We'll See It Everywhere This Summer
Instagram: @jhair_stylist

The Collarbone shag is a mix of the two biggest hair trends of the moment. Take a long bob that ends just above the collarbone (the Collarbone bob), cut it in a Shag cut and you have the Collarbone shag, a vintage and trendy bob cut spotted by Glamor UK.

While the word "shag" refers to strands of wool or a rug with long strands, the original Shag cut is characterized by a layered strand of varying lengths that frame the face. This iconic style, which dates back to the 1970s, has made a resounding comeback for three years.

The classic Shag cut takes on new looks in 2021. After the Wolf cut version and the Shaggy bob version, here it is revisited in the form of a long bob: the collarbone Shag. If it ends at the shoulders, it remains styled crumpled and fuzzy for rock and androgynous effect. To play on the volume and the structure, it is sublimated by undulations. Naturally, curly hair leaves one step ahead. This is the quintessential rebellious and punk bob. This hybrid bob can be accented with curtain bangs or worn with a parting in the middle.

Shag cut, the trend of the moment

Gone are the days of uniform and monotonous cuts. It is clear that hairstyles are readily adorned with asymmetry and naturalness. Is this the effect of multiple lockdowns? Earlier this year, it was the Wolf Cut's turn to cause a stir. Once again, it's the Shag fit that takes center stage in this style. Except that this time it is coupled with the mullet cut.

The style is distinguished by a wild and indomitable side: volume on the crown of the head, thin lengths, and thick, tapered bangs placed on the sides. A relaxed, tousled style that's enhanced with waves. What to bring dimension and graphics to the hair.

Maintenance and styling are quite easy. Just texturize the lengths with a spray and a brush.

Shag cut, the trend of the moment | Hair: Collarbone Shag is The Trendiest Bob Cut Right Now… We'll See It Everywhere This Summer
Instagram: @jhair_stylist

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