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3 Short Hairstyles Are Now Popular


Welcome to the year 2022, where numerous new hairstyle trends are waiting for us. We can now style short hair in a particularly cool way.

3 Short Hairstyles Are Now Popular

The triumph of short hairstyles for women is unstoppable. The advantages are simply unbeatable. While long hair requires a lot of care, the short hairstyle is not only quick to wash and dry but also easy to style - provided you have a hairdresser who knows his craft. Because the short hairstyle can only be perfect with the right cut. We present the trends for 2022.

Mixie - cool style with an undone look

Mixie - cool style with an undone look | 3 Short Hairstyles Are Now Popular

The perfectly trimmed mixie looks like you never went to the hairdresser's, just gave your hair a quick ruffle before you left the house. In the end, the Mixie is the well-known mullet, just really cool. The neck is not shaved, so the hair can fall casually. And the short fringe is not styled strictly but cut fringed. The sides, on the other hand, are kept short without overdoing it.

As I said, the hairstyle looks like you haven't had your hair cut in a while. But only a master craftsman manages to cut this hairstyle to look really casual. And you still have to lend a hand. The best way to style your mixie is to apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair before shaping it with your fingertips.

Pixie Cut - Less is more

Pixie Cut - Less is more | 3 Short Hairstyles Are Now Popular

You have to leave significantly more hair with the pixie cut than with the mixie. Despite this, the haircut, which cuts the side part and the hair at the nape of the neck very short, is absolutely feminine if you style yourself accordingly. Pretty earrings and chains are a must with the pixie cut. And you can also emphasize your feminine side with make-up. A nice hairband can't hurt either.

Buzz Cut - for bold fashionistas

Buzz Cut - for bold fashionistas | 3 Short Hairstyles Are Now Popular

Do you love to stand out from the crowd and don't shy away from adventures in styling? Then the buzz cut is perfect for you. With this hairstyle, the hair is shaved razor short, which of course has an invaluable advantage. Your hairstyle is styled in seconds in the morning. Actually, all you have to do is get up and you're ready to go.

A small disadvantage of the extreme short haircut should not be concealed. This hairstyle puts your face in the spotlight. And so there's a good chance that you'll use the time you save styling your hair for the perfect make-up. But if you don't shy away from this effort, you will be a real eye-catcher with your buzz cut.

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