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Selena Gomez Surprises With Fringy Bangs On Instagram


Selena Gomez has given her sleek bob an update and it looks pretty stylish: shorter, fringier, and with bangs. We took a closer look at the hairstyle and reveal how best to care for and style it.

Selena Gomez Surprises with Fringy Bangs on Instagram
Selena Gomez wore a long braid to the Critics Choice Awards in Los Angeles in March.

"New hair who dis?" Selena Gomez asked her 308 million followers on Instagram. The actress and singer have reinvented herself once again and changed her look. She now wears a fringed bob with bangs, more precisely: with feathered bangs.

Selena Gomez Surprises with Fringy Bangs on Instagram
Instagram: @selenagomez

Selena Gomez's fringy bob with bangs

Hair artist Orlando Pita is responsible for the new hairstyle, and perfectly staged the heart-shaped face of his celebrity client with the haircut. The extreme fringes give the hair more volume and make it ideal for the undone look. After washing, knead mousse into your hair and let it dry or blow-dry with a diffuser, done. Or create slight waves with a straightening iron and fix them with hairspray.

The fringed bob with bangs like Selena Gomez is also perfect for those who like to subject their hair to styling rigors, like constant straightening or hair extensions. The fringes forgive one or two split ends. However, hair breakage should not get the upper hand, otherwise, the look will quickly look frayed. However, that rarely happens with this cut, since it requires constant re-cutting anyway. But in general: Always use heat protection before styling!

Selena Gomez in series

Selena Gomez is currently starring on Disney+ in the comedy series Only Murders in the Building alongside Martin Short and Steve Martin. It features the three neighbors who want to solve a murder in their apartment building. Season two starts in June in the US.

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