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Castor Oil: Simple Home Remedy For Full Hair And Long Eyelashes


Full, shiny hair is one of the greatest ideals of beauty in the world. Just like the dream of thick, long eyelashes. There are a number of methods for both, some of which work more, some less well. Most importantly, most of them are also quite expensive. Simply using a natural home remedy sounds like a great solution: Castor oil is said to effectively stimulate the growth of hair and eyelashes. What is behind the active ingredient?

Castor Oil: Simple Home Remedy For Full Hair And Long Eyelashes
Long hair and eyelashes without serum? Castor oil is said to promote growth...

For hair and eyelashes: What is castor oil?

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the castor tree, which is aptly called the “miracle tree”. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used its thick, slightly transparent to yellowish oil in a variety of ways, for example as fuel for their oil lamps, as an effective laxative and, thanks to its optimal care properties, also for skin and hair care. In fact, castor oil is often found on the ingredient list of lipsticks, creams, and mascaras.

For hair and eyelashes: What is castor oil? | Castor Oil: Simple Home Remedy For Full Hair And Long Eyelashes
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This is how castor oil works on the hair and eyelashes

The reason that the traditional oil also works well as a growth booster has simple reason: Castor oil provides a lot of moisture and keeps eyelashes and hair healthy and supple, which means that they break less often and appear much longer and thicker. In addition, castor oil penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, where it additionally strengthens the hair roots. In terms of compatibility, the home remedy is also convincing, because it is free from silicone, alcohol, and other chemical additives, it can even be used in the eye area without hesitation. There is no unpleasant burning sensation or other allergic reactions.

Application: Apply castor oil correctly

As an eyelash serum, it is best to apply the oil in the evening after removing make-up. Put a few drops on a cotton pad and massage the lash line lightly with it. The next morning, wash off the thin film of oil with plenty of water. Long-term results can be seen after a few weeks. For hair care, it is best to mix some castor oil into the shampoo or leave it on overnight as an intensive treatment.

Tip: The castor oil from the drugstore or pharmacy should be cold-pressed, as only in this gentle extraction can all the nourishing ingredients be retained.

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