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Wedding Guest Hairstyle: This 5 Minute Braided Hairstyle Is Super Easy And Pretty


Are you a wedding guest and looking for a hairstyle that is not only simple and beautiful but also survives the wildest party? Then we have a suggestion for you.

Wedding Guest Hairstyle: This 5 Minute Braided Hairstyle is Super Easy and Pretty

Summer is coming and with it the wedding season. Are you invited to one or even more weddings this year and are you still feverishly looking for a hairstyle? Then we rush to help. Because just like the wedding guest outfit, the hairstyle is also an important part. We have some requirements for that. It should look pretty, of course, not be too elaborate, and ideally last as long as possible. After all, she has to survive the whole day and especially the whole night of partying. We would now like to introduce you to a great variant that we discovered on TikTok.

Wedding Guest Hairstyle: This 5 Minute Braided Hairstyle is Super Easy and Pretty



5 Minute Wedding Guest Hairstyle

This simple braided hairstyle has only one requirement: at least medium-length hair. This is because two braids are braided, which must be long enough so that you can put them around your head once. But more on that now: If you want, you can wave your hair a little beforehand, but the whole thing also works with straight hair. Now braid a braid on the left and right side of your head and hold the tips so that the braid doesn't unravel again. Then pull the braids apart a little so that they look more voluminous while still holding the tips. For even more volume, apply some texturizing spray or powder to the braids. Now bring both braids together in front of your face and tie them with a thin hair tie. So that you have about five centimeters of tips left at the bottom. Then you put the “wreath” back over your head, pull the braids back a little and the perfect wedding guest hairstyle is ready!

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