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Thicken Straight Or Curly Hair Is Easy!


Who says thick, straight, or curly hair is indomitable? There are different methods of thinning your hair, whether it is in the hairdressing salon or at home. Anne Aubertel, manager at Jean Louis David, enlightens us on this subject.

Thicken straight or curly hair is easy!

“What are the different techniques for thinning my hair? "," What is the right length for thick hair? "," Would a short haircut look better on me than long hair? "," Is there a miracle way to avoid the mane effect? "," Should I use a brush or a comb to style my hair? "," Are bangs compatible with thick hair? "," What care should I use to give my hair shine?"… Do you have a lot of questions going through your head because of your thick hair that you find difficult to tidy? Don't panic, there are indeed solutions to tame your hair. All you need to do is follow the advice of an expert in the field.

Thick hair: should short or long hair be preferred?

The mistake is to think that few cuts and hairstyles are suitable for people with thick hair. "When a client pushes the door of the hairdressing salon, we have a role of both confidante and adviser," says Anne Aubertel. "Before we start a haircut, we must understand the expected effect, but also the time that a person gives to his hair. Hairstyle is case by case, especially when a man or a woman has thick hair ".

So be aware that it is possible to opt for a short haircut or to have long hair when you have thick hair. The important thing is to avoid the "mass effect" on the head. For this, it seems essential to thin the hair.

Good to know: with age, hair tends to lose thickness.

What techniques to thin the hair?

Degrade your hair

There are not one, but several techniques for thinning hair when you have thick hair. "When a person has very long hair, we opt for a layered rather than going straight into the material in order to avoid the 'tuft of hair' effect at the time of regrowth," explains Anne Aubertel. For this, the hairdresser will cut the locks of the hair to different lengths. Result: the hair is lightened.


Thinning her hair

For a man or a woman with short hair, the technique is quite different. "In this case, we can thin the hair" explains Anne Aubertel. "This technique consists of cutting in the mass of hair with straight, tapered scissors, sculptors or even a clipper or razor", specifies the hair expert.

Straighten her hair

Another interesting option: smoothing "which tends to reduce the volume", specifies the hairdresser. It is possible to carry out this so-called "permanent" smoothing technique, as well as on frizzy, curly, colored, or bleached hair. The professional whose specialty this is will apply a chemical-based product, in particular keratin, to the hair, following several stages of application and straightening with an iron. However, this type of smoothing requires regular maintenance (care must be avoided with salt - sodium chloride in the INCI list - and sulfate because they eliminate the smoothing). In addition, this smoothing should be redone once or twice a year to smooth the regrowth at the roots.

Using a heating device

Hair straighteners are made of very hot metal plates. The goal is to straighten the hair and make it as thin as possible. They are used on very dry hair, after brushing, and especially not on damp hair, otherwise, they will be sensitized. Be careful not to use them too often to avoid weakening the hair. But the good news, there are heaters today that use technologies in their plates that reduce damage to the hair fiber.

Using a heating device | Thicken straight or curly hair is easy!
Dyson Corrale™ Cordless Hair Straightener

We think in particular of the straightener imagined by Dyson which, with its flexible plates made of copper and manganese alloy, facilitates straightening in a minimum of time and passes on each lock of hair. The Dyson Corrale™ straightener has the particularity of protecting the fibers from excessive heat since it controls the temperature 100 times per second for added safety. However, less heat is half the damage to the key *.

This straightener, with its 3 temperature settings, adapts to all hair types, and is therefore perfect for thinning out thick hair, whether straight, wavy, curly, or even curly.

Another specificity of this device that makes us crack: the Dyson Corrale ™ is a cordless straightener. With a cordless battery life of up to 30 minutes **, it offers the possibility of straightening your hair wherever you want without being slowed down in your movements. It's ideal for doing small touch-ups, even outside the home!

*Thermal damage measured by hair resistance when creating an equivalent hairstyle. Tested with soft plates and rigid plates.
**The exact usage time depends on your hair and styling habits.

What beauty routine for thick hair on a daily basis?

“The choice of products used and styling is crucial,” explains Anne Aubertel. “Thick hair tends to be dehydrated and dry. It is therefore important to provide them with special care on a daily basis, ”adds the hairdresser, who advises using a suitable shampoo and mask, but also styling products which make it possible to form the hair curl or, on the contrary, to fight against hair loss. frizz.

So what is the right hair care routine?

First tip: "Avoid washing your hair too often, as this dries out the hair even more. Once every three days, this is sufficient". The choice of shampoo is important. "A shampoo is chosen according to the nature of your scalp, and not its ends. If you have oily hair at the roots and dry ends, opt for a wash for oily hair." Carry out two successive washes: the first will wash the hair by eliminating all the residues present on the fibers, the second will treat them.

Second tip: Do not hesitate to apply a conditioner afterward. "Using apple cider vinegar when rinsing is effective in thinning hair," the stylist also adds. A mask, for its part, brings shine to the hair. "Do not hesitate to finish rinsing your hair with cold water. This stimulates blood circulation and closes the scales of the hair, which results in a less thick look," says Anne Aubertel. Finally, it is possible to apply, as the last step, a leave-in hair treatment.

An ultimate tip when detangling: "To avoid the hair mass effect, use a comb on damp hair. The brushes tend, on the contrary, to create an explosion of volume. For people with curly hair, use a boar bristle brush when brushing. The next day, rewet your hair before applying a leave-in moisturizer ". Conversely, people with thick, straight hair should "brush their hair gently to avoid making the hair electric and giving it volume."

Our favorite treatments to tame thick hair

Oléo-Relax Bath - Ketastase Discipline

Specially dedicated to voluminous, curly, frizzy, and/or unruly hair prone to frizz, this ultra-rich shampoo will smooth and nourish the fiber, making it shinier and softer.


Jean Louis David Go Shine Shampoo

This shampoo brings a good dose of hydration to the hair thanks to three vegetable oils: camellia oil which brings shine, marula oil, whose essential fatty acids protect the hair from external aggressions, and the oil of baobab softening and boosting shine. Together, they promise to nourish the lengths and soothe the scalp.

MAUI Moisture Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner

This treatment based on coconut oil, papaya extract, and plumeria is specially designed for curly or frizzy hair. It nourishes the hair fibers without weighing them down.

Garnier Fructis Hair Food Macadamia Detangling Treatment

This smoothing conditioner for dry, unruly hair makes styling easier and provides a healthy dose of hydration to the hair. It is perfect for thick, straight, or curly hair.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Miracle Moisturizer

This cocoa butter treatment moisturizes and strengthens dry and brittle hair. It balances the level of hydration and protects against breakage.

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Absolute Essence Mask

This hair treatment, infused with ultra-rich camellia oil, deeply nourishes the hair and gives it lightness.

Professional Interlude Curl Perfecting Cream

This hair treatment draws and hydrates natural or permed curls. It also brings shine to the hair.

Bangs and thick hair, a good or bad idea?

As surprising as it may seem, it is possible to make bangs when you have thick hair. "The creation of bangs depends more on the shape of the face than on the nature of the hair," says Anne Aubertel. "When you have thick hair, you can wear curly or straight bangs. It is during the diagnosis made with the client that the hairdresser will choose the appropriate length of the bangs".

Bangs and thick hair, a good or bad idea? | Thicken straight or curly hair is easy!
Bangs and thick hair, a good or bad idea? | Thicken straight or curly hair is easy!
Bangs and thick hair, a good or bad idea? | Thicken straight or curly hair is easy!
Bangs and thick hair, a good or bad idea? | Thicken straight or curly hair is easy!
Bangs and thick hair, a good or bad idea? | Thicken straight or curly hair is easy!

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