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The 2 Inch Rule For Hair Reveals: This Hairstyle Suits You!


Whether you have short or long hair, use the 5.5 cm rule for hair to calculate which cut suits you perfectly.

The 2 inch Rule For Hair Reveals: This Hairstyle Suits You!

The 5.5 cm rule for hair tells you which hairstyle really suits you

Who suits short hair? Short haircuts are hip, practical, and can be really seductive. But pixie, bob & co. are not ideal for everyone. Before they take the step to become a hairdresser, many people ask themselves, does short hair even suit me? Instead of thinking back and forth forever, you can use this rule to calculate whether short or rather long hair suits you.

According to experts, the perfect hair length depends on the angle of the jawbone. The 5.5 cm rule for hair calculated on the basis of this is easy to apply and shows which cut suits which face shape. With this formula you never have to doubt again, you can simply calculate your optimal hair length.

This is behind the 5.5 centimeter rule

Hair experts at the John Frieda hair care line have created a mathematical formula that can be used to calculate whether your hair is short or long. What do you need? Just a ruler, a pen and a mirror.

Here's how the 2 inch rule for hair works:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror.
  2. Place the pin horizontally below the chin.
  3. Place the ruler at a right angle to the pen and slide it to the level of the earlobe.
  4. Now measure the distance from the earlobe to the pin vertically downwards.

If the distance is less than 5.5 cm, short hair looks great on you. If you measure more than 5.5 cm, hair experts recommend longer hair.

Short haircut from 5.5 cm

Do you love your practical short haircut or would you like to finally have your hair shortened, but the distance between your earlobe and your chin is more than 5.5 cm? A mathematical formula shouldn't stop you from wearing what you like. And as is so often the case, exceptions prove the rule. Because not only the angle of the jawbone but also the shape of the face plays a role in the perfect hair length.

Especially people with an oval face shape flatter any haircut and they can wear short or long hair. Soft cuts suit a square face, so the tips of short hair should not be cut too precisely. If you have a round face, you can leave a few longer strands in the front with a short haircut, which visually stretches the shape of the face. Just try it out and get advice from your hairdresser if you are unsure. Experienced experts can assess whether short hair suits you - and also which specific haircut suits you.

Long bob or long hair

Whether men or women, many people like long hair. Anyone who has calculated their optimal hair length and, using the 5.5 cm rule for hair, comes to the conclusion that long hair suits them, does not have to wear a flowing mane right away, but can also opt for a trendy long bob. Here the hair is shortened to about shoulder length - the perfect hair length, not too short and not too long.

This hairstyle flatters any face shape and always looks attractive. The styling options are also diverse, for the everyday look you only need a large brush, over which you pull the hair slightly inward when blow-drying. If you like it more glamorous, wear your hair back at the nape of your neck or style your hair in curls.

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