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Octopus Cut: New Trendy And Original Hairstyle For 2023


What if to start the year off right, we changed our hairstyle radically? Here is the octopus cut, the new hairstyle trend of 2022.

Octopus Cut: New Trendy And Original Hairstyle For 2023

No more bob cut, pixie cut, wolf cut, and company, for 2022 the trend is the octopus cut. This new hairstyle is a mix between the mullet and the shag cut, it is characterized by a beautiful volume and a very particular gradient: the shortest locks reach the level of the ears and are scattered around the skull, the lengths below are tapered. A hairstyle with a little retro side, which takes us straight back to the 2000s.

“The octopus cut is a new take on the shag/mullet that we've seen a lot lately. It's a less textured version that mixes the length with short layers while keeping the weight at the top,” says Joe Sirry, London hairstylist. , to the British version of Stylist. "The octopus cut is inspired by the style of Japanese women and has become very popular on Pinterest recently." Indeed, searches with the keywords "octopus cut" have doubled on the platform in one year.

Octopus Cut: New Trendy And Original Hairstyle For 2023
Instagram: @shaglondon

Octopus Cut: New Trendy And Original Hairstyle For 2023
Instagram: @latesthair

How to adopt the octopus cut?

Before embracing the octopus trend, there are a few little precautions you should take. First of all, this style is not suitable for all hair types: while it will work best on straight and/or wavy lengths, curly or frizzy manes will have to pass. While the octopus cut doesn't especially require very long hair, it will need to be around the shoulders.

Before taking the plunge, also know that it requires a little maintenance and styling in the morning, especially with a round brush so that all the layers fit together perfectly. "You can also use a styling mousse or a spray to hold it together. This is not a cut that I would recommend for people who like to do a minimum of maintenance," continues the hairstylist. He does point out, however, that the octopus cut doesn't too often require a trip to the salon unless you've opted for bangs that need to be refreshed.

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