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Coloring Hair Yourself: These Tones Will Make You Look Younger


Even if you can't imagine it at the moment: at some point, your hair ends no longer look like an upturned Christmas tree, your full-grown hairline no longer hangs at half-mast and the hairdresser you trust will finally give you your new favorite hair color.

Color your hair yourself: These tones make you look younger (and you can easily apply them at home)

But until that happens, you can also freshen up your hair color at home, in such a way that it also has a great beauty effect. Our hot hair color tip not only flatters pale winter skin but also makes you look younger in no time.

Perfect for pale winter skin: The warm blonde from model Elsa Hosk

Perfect for pale winter skin: The warm blonde from model Elsa Hosk | Coloring hair yourself: These tones will make you look younger

Instagram: @hoskelsa

Beauty trend color masks: These hair colors make you look younger

Did you actually know that not only the right make-up, rich and skin-type-appropriate care, and a healthy diet make you look fresh and youthful, but that the hair color also has an optical rejuvenating effect? You read that correctly: Even small changes in the color nuance can make you look a few years younger.

For the rejuvenation effect, hair experts literally turn the thermostat: warm shades act as a soft-focus for your complexion, while hair colors with a cold undertone emphasize facial contours (i.e. also wrinkles). Winter skin that looks particularly pale and gray will thank you with a beautiful glow when it is framed by the hair with a warm undertone.

You don't need a salon for these small color changes: Nourishing hair masks, also known as glossings, freshen up your hair color very easily and also conjure up a silky shine in the lengths.


Dyeing hair at home: how to properly apply the color masks

Are you now of course in the mood for a mini makeover that makes you look younger and fresher and makes your hair a shade warmer? The color masks for the homework like a light tint with a care effect. With the difference that far fewer color pigments are used. So you don't get five shades more blonde, but your ash blonde becomes a delicate golden blonde, for example.

After washing your hair, the color mask is massaged into the lengths and ends. Depending on how intense the effect should be, it stays there for three to ten minutes and is then easily washed out. The pigments are retained for up to four washes.

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