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Tangled Hair: This Helps To Detangle Hair


Felt knot SOS: This is how you can untangle your hair...

Do you suffer from matted hair? To untangle your mane, there are some helpful tips. Here you will find all the important information on how to tame your hair.

Tangled Hair: This Helps To Detangle Hair

It pulls when combing and you soon lose patience? If knots form on the head of hair, this is not only uncomfortable when combing. Because matted hair loses its shine and looks dull and dull. But how do felt knots actually form and what can you do about them? Read here how you can untangle the knots with a few simple measures and turn your matted hair back into a dream mane in no time at all.

How is matted hair formed?

Do you know it too: The knots tend to form particularly often in the tips, at the back of the head, or sometimes even at the hairline. A beauty problem that sucks! If the hair becomes matted, this can have various causes. One reason could be a lack of care or incorrect care. Maybe your shags are also irritated by all the styling. A matted mane is often dry and brittle.

For example, too much heat from a hairdryer, straightening iron, and the like can dry out the hair and make it straw-like. Therefore, never forget the heat protection when styling. Give your hair a break from straightening irons or curling irons from time to time. Especially in summer, you can let your hair dry well in the air.

By the way: Even regular dyeing can cause the hair to become matted. Because anything that strains the hair on your head can also make it prone to tangles.

But no worry! Special products quickly make it easier to comb and make it supple. Because with the right care and a few tricks, you can say goodbye to matted hair. So reward your hair regularly with a nourishing treatment – your mane will thank you.

Tip: The next time you visit the hairdressing salon, a hair analysis can give you information about the care your hair needs.

Prevent matted hair step by step

Smooth hair starts even before you shower. Keyword: brushes! Comb your mane properly before each wash. In this way, felt nodules cannot become even stronger. Your power duo in the fight against tangles is shampoo and conditioner. However, avoid applying the shampoo directly to the hair. First, foam it in your hands and then apply the foam. And of course, the conditioner should not be missing when washing your hair. This smoothes the hair and the comb slides through better.

After washing you can then press the hairstyle dry with a towel, but please do not rub. Otherwise, wet hair will become too messy. If you struggle with tangles despite these steps, you can use a detangling spray. A regular hair treatment (weekly) and visits to the hairdresser also prevent matted hair. Split ends are removed in good time and the hairstyle remains beautifully shiny.

Do you often have tousled hair at the back of your head? A braid, while you sleep, can prevent your hair from getting too messy. The best tip: A pillowcase made of silk or smooth satin also protects the hair and ends. This not only prevents knots but also split ends.

Comb matted hair more easily

If the wool on your head is matted, you can't avoid combing it. On the one hand, you should adapt your care products such as shampoo and conditioner, but you can also change your entire hair care routine. You can also adjust your brush or comb to your hair type. For curls, for example, a wide-toothed comb works better. Brushes with natural bristles are good for sensitive, damaged hair. For normal hair, flat paddle brushes are the best choice.

Is it better to comb knotted hair before or after drying it? It is better to let the mane dry first. Because if you comb your wet hair, you often damage it without knowing it. The reason: They are much more sensitive when they are wet. If you still need to be quick, you can simply gently brush your locks with a smoothing leave-in spray before blow-drying. As always, always brush the tips first and then carefully work your way up. This prevents your hair from breaking and tangles are gently removed. Absolute no-go when it comes to tangles: tearing or pulling when combing.


Styling tips against hair knots

Would you have thought it: the right hairstyle also prevents tangles. Long hair is often affected by dryness and knots. Of course, you could now opt for a short hairstyle. But we have a better tip than using scissors. Instead of always wearing your hair open, there are many styling ideas to tame the hairstyle.

Headbands or statement clips are particularly popular right now. How about this for a change? Because they not only look cool but also ensure that the hairstyle stays in place. And that too in wind and weather. No wonder they are so popular. Still popular: Sleek braid hairstyles with colorful scrunchies. Try it out!

Styling tips against hair knots | Tangled Hair: This Helps To Detangle Hair

What to do with matted hair from extensions?

Using extensions incorrectly or not caring for them properly can also cause your hair to become matted. If the detangling spray and brush don't help, the only thing to do is to go to your trusted hair salon. The professional then decides whether the use of scissors is necessary or not.

Knotted hair in winter: that helps

Dry heating air, wet and cold weather, and a wool hat - your hair goes through a lot during the dark season. Particularly dry heating air can quickly remove the moisture from the mane. The result: statically charged hair or entanglements. An extra portion of care in the form of hair treatments is important in the winter months to restore suppleness to the hairstyle.

A hairdryer with ion technology is also helpful in the fight against felt knots. When styling, this not only ensures that the hairstyle dries faster. Thanks to the ion function, the cuticle coats itself. The output: The hair shines and is easier to comb. Our hairdryer tip: Just use the cold air setting from time to time. You can also protect your mane in this way.

Avocado olive oil cure as a home remedy for hair knots

Instead of investing in expensive beauty products, you can use a few home remedies to combat your matted hair. A homemade treatment made from avocado and olive oil is being hyped online by many beauty fans. The nourishing ingredients are designed to restore moisture to dry hair.

And this is how you can make the hair treatment yourself:

Mix the flesh of the avocado with a little olive oil until it has a creamy consistency. Simply apply the treatment to your mane and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then wash with shampoo as usual. Yess! You can look forward to smooth hair again.

Bye, bye dry hair and hello dream mane!

Our conclusion against tangles: research the causes and change your beauty routine. Pay attention to which brush and products you use and, if in doubt, get advice on your hair structure in the hair studio. You'll never have to bother with felt knots again.

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