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Gray Hair Can Be Reversed


This trick makes gray hair disappear naturally according to scientists... The gray color is reversible...

The appearance of hair is subject to many factors. This phenomenon, which was thought to be inevitable, is in fact reversible according to the latest scientific research. In some cases, our hair sets up a process that allows it to pigment again and thus regain its original color. Explanations.

Gray Hair Can Be Reversed

Whether we accept it or not, the appearance of the first gray hair is an important stage in life. While some women go to great lengths to camouflage the gray undertone, others prefer to flaunt it. This natural process, previously thought to be inevitable, is in fact reversible in some cases.

The appearance of gray hair is linked to many factors, ranging from a genetic predisposition to stress. It is precisely this last point that researchers at Columbia University have addressed.

They set out to trace the chronology of the color of a hair by releasing more than 300 proteins. In addition, the hair of 14 volunteers was analyzed. The only selection criteria: their hair had to be more than four centimeters long and not have undergone any bleaching or chemical coloring. These participants had to keep a diary for a year. It was intended to address the periods of stress and relaxation experienced on a daily basis. At the same time, hair was taken from them in order to observe any variations in shade.

The hair is a real open book. Martin Picard, the lead author of the study, explains "When hair is still under the skin in the form of follicles, it is subject to the influence of stress hormones and other things that occur in our mind and body. . Once the hair grows out of the scalp, it permanently hardens and crystallizes these exposures into a stable form. "

Natural pigmentation

Researchers have noticed a correlation between the stress phase and canities ... Faced with pressure or anxiety, some hair lost its pigments to become silvery. But they also discovered that during periods of relaxation, white hair could return to its original color. As crazy as it might sound, the graying fiber was regaining its original shade.

Ayelet M Rosenberg, director of the study, explains: "I was surprised to see how the holidays had such a strong impact on the inversion." It highlights the case of a volunteer who saw a few silvery strands become pigmented after two weeks of rest.

The reversible effect does not extend to the entire hair (that would be way too good). Scientists weigh this miraculous transformation: "It is noted that this phenomenon is limited to rarely isolated hair follicles. As their occurrence will likely go unnoticed in most cases, it is difficult to assess the true incidence of these repigmentation events."

Age could also play a role. The phenomenon has been observed in people under the age of forty.

But this is a step forward! This proves that gray hair can initiate a process of re-pigment itself naturally.

Goodbye coloring… And make way for stress-free holidays to avoid gray hair!

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