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Choppy Bob: This Haircut Is The Trend For 2023


The Choppy Bob is taking 2021 by storm! We reveal what makes the new trend hairstyle and who the haircut suits.

Long hair was the day before yesterday: The bob is not giving up its triumphant advance and after the petit bob, pob, and blunt bob there is now a new variant around the corner that will take the hearts of all women - not just those of stars and starlets - by storm in 2020. Why the "Choppy Bob" has what it takes to become a trendy hairstyle in 2021 and who the haircut is for - we'll reveal now.

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That's what makes the Choppy Bob

The choppy bob corresponds almost exactly to the bob in terms of length and length to the chin. The twist on the haircut, however, is that the top hair is structured by soft layers and filled with more volume.

The choppy bob works just as well with a side parting as it does with a middle part.

That's what makes the Choppy Bob | Choppy Bob: This haircut is the trend for 2023
Instagram: @jamieericksen

Who is the trend hairstyle for 2021?

Basically, the Choppy Bob suits every woman. However, the best length of the bob for the face shape should be determined with the hairdresser/hairdresser you trust in order to build the choppy bob on it.

Women with very fine hair can definitely benefit the most from the hairstyle because the soft levels of the trendy hairstyle conjure up more volume and structure in the hair. If you want to top it off: Light waves can create a lot of extra volumes and an additional wow effect with the Choppy Bob.

Who is the trend hairstyle for 2021? | Choppy Bob: This haircut is the trend for 2023
Who is the trend hairstyle for 2021? | Choppy Bob: This haircut is the trend for 2023
Instagram: @rhiwardhair

The big advantage of the hairstyle, however, is not only the extra volume, which we naturally like to take with us. It is also unbeatable that the hairstyle looks very natural and immediately gives it a fresh look. Our prognosis: Here the bobsleigh has hit the bull's eye again. The small, effective update can definitely be seen - in 2021, the Choppy Bob will certainly be difficult to push from the throne of the most popular hairstyle...

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