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These Are The Trend Hairstyles For 2023


Trending Hairstyles: These hairstyles will all be worn in 2022...

The year is drawing to a close and we can look forward to 2022 - at least when it comes to new trend hairstyles: These are the five coolest hairstyles for 2022.

These Are The Trend Hairstyles For 2023
Bob is back: Actress Zendaya is already wearing it.

Bubble hair, blowout look, and waterfall hair - which trend hairstyles are hidden behind these terms and how you can style them at home, read here:

1. Fake bob

Zendaya recently appeared on the red carpet with a bob - which, however, was only temporary due to clever styling. With the "fake bob" long hair is cheated for short. And this is how it works: Tie your hair into a deep, loose ponytail, roll it towards the nape of the neck and secure it with bobby pins. For the ideal hold, fix the hairstyle with hairspray. This trendy hairstyle is perfect for those who long for variety but don't want to do without their long hair.

2. Waterfall hair

The name already gives it away: Extremely long and straight hair that falls over the shoulders like a waterfall will be all the rage. To do this, the hair is placed in a clean center parting with the help of a handle comb and straightened with a straightening iron. To further intensify the waterfall effect, we recommend a glossy styling spray, e.g. "Shimmer Shine" by Kevin Murphy.

3. 90's Braids & Bubble Hair

While curtain bangs were the trend hairstyle par excellence last year, the forehead fringes will be processed further in 2022. Model Bella Hadid shows how it is done: she braids her bangs in two thin braids - say hello to the 90s! A similar version will continue to be just as popular, in which a small section of the hair that will frame the face is separated on the top of the head and then divided at regular intervals with small, thin hair ties. The areas between the hair ties are then fanned out so that they take on a round shape. We already know this style from last year and it's called Bubble Hair.

3. 90's Braids & Bubble Hair | These Are The Trend Hairstyles For 2023
3. 90's Braids & Bubble Hair | These Are The Trend Hairstyles For 2023
3. 90's Braids & Bubble Hair | These Are The Trend Hairstyles For 2023
Instagram: @bellahadid


4. Curly hair par excellence

The time of gentle beach waves and light curls is over: In 2022, large curls will be celebrated! If you don't have a curly head by default, you can twist them with a curling iron. Before doing this, the hair should definitely be treated with heat protection. After styling with the curling iron, it is also advisable to knead some hair oil into your hair to give it a light shine.

5. Blowout look

Voluminous hair, gentle movement in the hair: that's what the blowout look is all about. Only hairdressers can do that? Nothing! First, massage a small amount of curling agent into towel-dried hair. Then blow-dry your hair away from your head using a round brush. Finally, set the blow dryer again to the coldest setting and blow-dry the curls - so the volume is guaranteed to stay the whole day!

5. Blowout look | These Are The Trend Hairstyles For 2023
Instagram: @sarasterczewska.hairstylist

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