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What Is The "Curly Girl Method"?


What is behind the "curly girl method"?

Natural curls are not always easy to tame. If not cared for correctly, they quickly appear straw-like and protrude in all directions. With the "curly girl method", these problems should be a thing of the past. Countless influencers are already showing on YouTube how they have used the technique to transform their brittle mane into supple curls. We check what's behind the hype!

What is The "Curly Girl Method"?
Many women want voluminous curls – the “curly girl method” is supposed to help with that.

Who is the “curly girl method” suitable for?

The "curly girl method" is worth trying for all women with dry hair. Ultimately, it's about taking better care of stressed hair, tailored to the natural hair structure. The theory behind it: Even women who previously had only slightly wavy hair could naturally have curls, but due to incorrect care and overuse, they have not come out properly so far. The "curly girl method" is intended to remedy the situation and emphasize any natural curls that may be present.

What haircare do I need?

First of all, the hair care routine has to be changed - ideally, it is individually adapted to the hair type and structure. The main thing is to do without everything that strains the mane and instead switch to a healthier hair care routine. Silicones or parabens are taboo, products that moisturize the mane are essential. A good conditioner or natural conditioner such as an acidic rinse is a must, shampoo is optional. The hair should only be washed every few days anyway and then please only with cold or lukewarm water!

Because: Curly or wavy hair is extremely sensitive by nature, tends to dryness, and must be treated with care. That's why you should also avoid high temperatures with hairdryers, straighteners, and Co., the motto is: take care of your hair, take care of it, take care of it!

Away with the brush!

The same applies to combing your hair. When dry, the frizzy mane should ideally not be brushed at all, as this only makes it look even bushier. Even when it is wet, it is better to go through your hair with a wide-toothed comb or simply with your fingers. Conditioner ensures that the mane does not get knotted, hair oil provides extra moisture.


Dry hair gently

So that the hair is not roughened too much after washing, you should not use a normal terry cloth towel when drying. Special microfiber towels or simply jersey shirts are better.

In addition, with the "curly girl method" the hair should not be flattened after washing, but better "puffed out" from the tips upwards so that it can assume its natural curl shape over the long term. Then special curl leave-in conditioners or styling products can be added to the lengths to enhance the effect. If you don't feel like air-drying, you can blow-dry your mane at a low temperature and with a diffuser.

How long do you use the "curly girl method"?

So much in advance: The whole thing is a process, with a fantastically curly mane overnight is not to be expected. Ideally, you should use the method over a long period of time - i.e. several months - or simply change it permanently - but everyone has to find the right way for themselves and their own mane.

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