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Let The Hair Grow Faster: 5 Professional Tips From The Hairdresser


Do you also want long, silky, shiny hair? We'll tell you how the dream finally comes true. Here are five tips to help your hair grow faster.

"How can you make hair grow faster?" Most women will already have asked themselves this question. After all, long, strong hair is the epitome of femininity and a real ideal of beauty. Even those who had a short hairstyle and want long hair again ask themselves whether or how one can stimulate and accelerate hair growth.

Let the hair grow faster: It works with these 5 professional tips! | Let The Hair Grow Faster: 5 Professional Tips From The Hairdresser

While there is no magic bullet that will make hair 30 cm overnight, there are a few behavioral tips that can aid hair growth.

How fast does hair grow?

Anyone who "breeds" their hair quickly realizes: It takes time! Our scalp hair grows an average of 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month. Growing hair faster is not that easy, because hair growth (and the speed) is only influenced by internal factors such as diet, hormonal balance, or predisposition. The good news: You can influence some of these factors.

How does hair grow faster? Here are 5 tips that will bring you closer to your dream of the long mane!

Let the hair grow faster: It works with these 5 professional tips!

Tip 1: Healthy nutrition for stronger hair

If the body is supplied with all the important nutrients, so are the hair roots - and they produce resilient hair at maximum speed. Conversely, deficiencies have a negative impact on hair growth. Iron deficiency can even lead to hair loss. If you pay attention to a healthy diet, you are also doing something good for your hair.

Some dietary supplements such as yeast or biotin are said to make hair grow faster. Zinc, vitamin B, and iron are also said to play a role in hair growth.

André Nolden, a hairdresser from Düsseldorf, recommends customers to make silica. Its main component, silica, is naturally found in our hair and can support growth.

Tip 1: Healthy nutrition for stronger hair | Let The Hair Grow Faster: 5 Professional Tips From The Hairdresser


Tip 2: take care of your hair properly

Even the perfect care cannot make hair grow faster. But it ensures that the hair remains healthy and resilient. Two big enemies of beautiful, long hair are split ends and hair breakage. The long-hair dream bursts when the laboriously grown centimeters fall victim to the scissors due to hair damage. So anyone who maltreats his head with aggressive shampoo & Co. is doing nothing good to hair and scalp.

Prevent it by washing your hair with an intensely nourishing shampoo, nourishing it once a week with a rich treatment, and pampering it with a little hair oil every now and then. Avoid exhausting heat styling with a hairdryer or straightening iron as often as possible.

Important: If you find it difficult to do without a hairdryer, straightening iron, etc., you should always use heat protection beforehand. Heat protection with caring properties are, for example, the Care & Protect Spray from the John Frieda Repair & Detox range.

Tip 3: let it cut more often

Sounds paradoxical, but a visit to the hairdresser every three months is a must if the hair is to be nice and long. A regular cut slows down split ends or prevents them from moving upwards from the tips.

André Nolden knows that many women avoid regular tip trimming because they fear that they will never end up with long hair. "But in three months the hair has grown by three to four centimeters. If you then separate one centimeter, you keep your tips healthy and still gain two to three centimeters in length."

At the hairdressers, make sure that you do not cut with blunt scissors or a knife, as both encourage split tips.

Tip 4: Massage your head more often

A well-nourished hair follicle is a prerequisite for healthy, long hair. Because the blood carries the nutrients there, anything that stimulates blood flow to the scalp is also good for hair growth.

The Berlin trend hairdresser Viktor Leske advises customers who want their hair to grow faster to have daily head massages: "A nourishing massage with argan oil relieves stress, nourishes the hair, and prevents dandruff, which can also negatively affect hair growth."

A daily brush massage has a similar effect. A model that combines rounded plastic bristles with bristles made of natural hair is well suited for this.

Tip 4: Massage your head more often | Let The Hair Grow Faster: 5 Professional Tips From The Hairdresser

Tip 5: Avoid stress - this is how hair grows faster!

Like our skin, hair is a mirror of our soul. Persistently high levels of stress hormones in the blood are detrimental to hair growth and can even lead to hair loss. Brittle, thin hair can also be the result of long-lasting emotional problems. Those who regularly do something good for themselves and their psyche also help their hair grow quickly and healthily.

If you still can't grow your hair fast enough, you can still make do with extensions. The strands of natural or synthetic hair make long-hair dreams come true in just a few hours.

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