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Break The Habit Of Nail Biting: 5 Simple Tips On How To Leave Your Nails Alone

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Some do it out of nervousness, boredom, or out of habit: biting their fingernails. For some, this even goes so far that only painful nail stubs remain on the fingers, and the skin is even bitten bloody. Beautiful nails definitely look different. But how can you stop biting your nails? These tips will help break the annoying and sometimes painful habit.

Break The Habit of Nail Biting: 5 Simple Tips on How to Leave Your Nails Alone

With these 5 methods, you can break the habit of nail-biting

There are several ways you can make chewed nails a thing of the past. To make it even easier for you to stop biting your nails, you can try these remedies:

1. Just chew on a nail

How now, but keep chewing? Yes, but only on a reduced basis. You just can't get rid of some quirks overnight, but only in slow steps. Instead of shredding your entire fingernail, you can resolve to take your nervousness out on just one. So you can watch how beautifully your other nails grow back and you may quickly see for yourself that you should also leave your last fingernail alone.

2. Chew gum to relieve emotional stress

If you're nervous and want to put your fingers in your mouth again, try a distraction. Keep your teeth busy with chewing gum! So they still have something to chew on. An anti-stress ball or something similar could keep your hands busy.


3. Have fake nails or gel nails done

Give your natural fingernails a break to recover and grow by covering them with artificial ones. A layer of gel should also stop you from biting your nails. After all, you don't want to ruin your new trendy nail art right away, do you?

4. Use special varnish against nail biting

There's a tincture made specifically to make professional nail biters tired of chewing their fingers. It comes in the form of clear nail polish, its taste is extra bitter, so that any attempt to chew ends with a disgusted expression on your face and, in the best case, you stop immediately.

5. Against the temptation: pack a nail file and scissors

If you tend to bite your nails when you spot a broken or chipped area, it's a good idea to keep an emergency nail file and scissors kit in your purse just in case. Simply quickly filed away or cut off, and the small blemish no longer bothers you.

By the way: In addition to these “home remedies” and easy-to-implement tips, there is also the option of using hypnosis to break the habit of nail-biting. However, there are very different testimonials here, some it helped, some not. If you want to get involved in the experiment, it can definitely be worth a try. Because hypnosis works on what the background for your nail biting is. Speaking of...

Biting your nails: Why do you do it?

It is not only important that you use very practical home remedies or other tricks to stop biting your nails. You should also do a root cause analysis. Why are you biting your nails anyway?

In general, nail-biting is a stress-relieving behavior that can be observed in children. Fear, stress, and helplessness are the most common triggers. While it might be difficult homework for the little ones, we adults bite our fingernails when, for example, we are working on a big project at work, have an exam, or are simply watching an exciting film at home. But it can also simply be boredom that drives you to want to nibble away small protruding scraps of the skin or unclean cuts on your nails with your teeth. Unfortunately, the habit not only reduces the stress, but also the attractiveness of the fingernails. That’s why you should definitely find other ways to relieve your stress in a much more relaxed way!

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