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4 Hairstyles You Should Never Have Cut


Whatever you want from the hairdresser - please don't make these cuts...

The choice of a certain hairstyle and also the styling can change the type decisively. Although you can ensure thick, shiny, and voluminous hair with the right foods, ultimately the cut is always decisive. And then you have to be careful because anyone who carelessly chooses a hairstyle is sometimes more unhappy after visiting the hairdresser than before. You should avoid these hairstyles.

4 hairstyles you should never have cut
Don't rush to decide on a cut...

1. Bangs with a wide face

If you have a round or square face, you shouldn't have bangs cut. Because a pony draws focus on the width of your face instead of making it appear visually longer. If you have a round or square face, you prefer to use gentle steps that gently frame your face.

1. Bangs with a wide face | 4 hairstyles you should never have cut

2. Too small a perm

Perms are a bit out of fashion, but some women still rely on the artificially created curls. There is nothing to be said against it, as long as the perm is not too small and produces tiny mini curls. This look belongs to the 80s and everyone should be happy that this trend is behind us. If you want to spice up your hair with curls, get soft, bigger waves. They look a lot better and also fit a lot better into today's world. And very important: do not try to do the perm yourself under any circumstances. Because it is one of the five things that you should definitely leave to your hairdresser.

2. Too small a perm | 4 hairstyles you should never have cut

3. The V shape

Be careful not to get too many layers cut around your face. These quickly create a fringed look and thus an unnatural V-shape.

3. The V shape | 4 hairstyles you should never have cut

4. The failed long bob

A short bob is great for heart-shaped faces. Women with a round face benefit from the longer bob variant. Check (preferably together with your hairdresser) what might suit you and then decide on one of the options. But beware of a long bob that is nothing in half or whole. The tips should not stand up on the shoulders, but rather wrap around the collarbone. This is the only way to really benefit from this haircut.

4. The failed long bob | 4 hairstyles you should never have cut

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