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Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Carbohydrates That Help Diet

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These 5 carbohydrates are healthy and will help you lose weight.

Anyone who has dealt a little with the topic of weight loss has internalized one sentence: It is essential to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet! Because carbohydrates are considered to be nasty fattening foods. It's not that simple, however, as there are good and bad carbohydrates. The bad ones are the short-chain carbohydrates, which mainly consist of simple sugars: They provide the body with quick energy, but they also encourage food cravings. Confectionery, white flour, and highly processed, low-fiber foods belong in this no-go group.

Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Carbohydrates That Help Diet
Extremely tasty - and extremely healthy: wholemeal pasta with kale.

Meanwhile, long-chain, complex carbohydrates are extremely healthy and important for a slim figure. They provide important nutrients, ensure good digestion and only allow blood sugar levels to rise slowly. Translated means: With these carbohydrates, you stay full for a long time and even lose a kilo or two. According to nutrition experts, the following five good carbohydrates should therefore be on the menu every day.

Lose Weight: 5 Carbohydrates That Are Healthy and Good for Your Figure

1. Whole grains

The good news: bread and pasta are now allowed every day. The bad news (at least for some): This does not mean toasted bread or the classic spaghetti carbonara. Both are made from white flour and have shorter carbohydrate chains. As a result, they are digested in a flash and the next hunger is inevitable. Whole grain bread and pasta, on the other hand, consist of multiple sugars, in other words: They are more substantial and satiated better, promote metabolism and their fiber effectively stimulates digestion. So nothing stands in the way of a flat bikini stomach.

1. Whole grains | Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Carbohydrates That Help Diet
Whole grain products are more substantial and less of a hindrance to weight loss than pasta and bread made from white flour.

2. Legumes

Chickpeas, lentils, and black beans are high in carbohydrates. At the same time, they also contain a large portion of folic acid, potassium, magnesium, and iron. All of these nutrients keep blood sugar levels consistently low, which keeps afternoon cravings for chocolate and cake at bay. Another plus: a daily serving of legumes lowers cholesterol, which prevents hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.

2. Legumes | Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Carbohydrates That Help Diet
Legumes like chickpeas keep blood sugar levels constant.


3. Fruits

Fruit is not the first thing you think of when you hear the term carbohydrates. In fact, there is no fruit without carbohydrates, because almost every fruit contains a certain amount of sugar. You should pay attention to so-called low-carb fruits such as berries, watermelon, and grapefruit - these fruits contain less sugar than bananas or grapes, for example. Nevertheless, they are real vitamin bombs with many antioxidants that protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals. With the daily serving of berries, the aging process of the skin is also slowed down.

3. Fruits | Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Carbohydrates That Help Diet
Although fruit contains carbohydrates, it is a vitamin bomb and provides the body with important antioxidants.

4. Pumpkin

The pasta in the evening should be replaced more often with a pumpkin soup or pumpkin in the oven. Although these vegetables contain carbohydrates, they also have more healthy nutrients such as iron, silica, and vitamin C - which in turn are essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Good to know: To lose weight, you should eat Hokkaido squash instead of butternut squash. The former has fewer carbohydrates in comparison.

4. Pumpkin | Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Carbohydrates That Help Diet
It's better to put the pumpkin on the menu, which is low carb in contrast to pasta.

5. Whole grain oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice

All of these grains have good carbohydrates that are digested slowly and keep blood sugar levels consistently low. Porridge in the morning is ideal, as is grilled vegetables with quinoa in the evening. Nutrition experts recommend germinated grains above all, because the longer grain is soaked, the easier it is to digest. In addition, more healthy enzymes and vital substances are released during the germination process.

But of course, for all these potentially healthy carbohydrates, the following applies as always: the mass does it! This means that you should also consume these foods presented here in a healthy amount and combine them with other important nutrients in order to prevent under- or oversupply.

5. Whole grain oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice | Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Carbohydrates That Help Diet
Sprouted grains, in particular, are easy to digest and help keep blood sugar levels low.

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