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Because Of The "Chin Long Bob" Everyone Can Now Cut Their Hair


For almost a decade, the bob has been our #1 hairstyle choice. Whether as a long bob, a trendy tob, very short, or shoulder-length - it's simply the hairstyle of the last few years. In 2022 it will therefore be time for a style update. We are talking about the new trend hairstyle "Chin-Long-Bob"! We'll tell you what's behind the new cut and which face shape suits it best.

Because Of The "Chin Long Bob" Everyone Can Now Cut Their Hair

Actress Lucy Hale has already done it, as has TV host Jesinta Franklin and fashionistas Mary Leest and Chriselle Lim: They all took to the scissors, parted with their long hair, and now sport a "chin-long bob". . No wonder! The new cut suits almost every face shape and makes everyone look much younger, fresher, and cooler.

Because Of The "Chin Long Bob" Everyone Can Now Cut Their Hair

Incidentally, “chin” means chin in English and already reveals the length of the new trendy hairstyle. In 2022 we will finally wear our hair short again. To be precise, the tips of the hair should reach no more than the chin. In contrast to what is typical for the bob, the length of the “chin long bob” remains the same at the back and at the front and large steps are largely avoided.

How to style the Chin Long Bob?

Straight or curly? It doesn't matter at all! A lot of volumes are important. That's why it's best to always blow-dry your "chin long bob" with a round brush and then apply a little volume spray or dry shampoo to the hairline. This gives your hair more grip and extra body.

For the "undone look" style your hair either with a thick curling iron or curl it with a straightening iron. Then fix the "Chin-Long-Bob" with hairspray so that the hairstyle lasts all day long. Ready! If you also want to enhance your bob with accessories, we recommend hair clips and headbands.

How to style the Chin Long Bob? | Because Of The "Chin Long Bob" Everyone Can Now Cut Their Hair

Who suits the chin long bob?

The “chin long bob” suits women with an oval and narrow face shape in particular. Because short hair gives the face more volume and thus softer features. But women with a very thin hair structure can also wear the trendy hairstyle because it gives the hair more volume and prevents split ends. If you have a rather round or very square face, it is better to keep your hands off the scissors. The blunt cut only emphasizes the angular features even more.

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