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3 Instagram Accounts That Showcase White Hair


After having colored them for a long time, we are finally starting to like them! Here are 3 Instagram accounts that make us see gray hair differently.

3 Instagram accounts to follow that showcase white hair

3 Instagram accounts to follow that showcase white hair | 3 Instagram accounts that showcase white hair
Instagram:/ @grombre & @armelleperves

A source of complexes assimilated to old age or even considered neglected when we consider that they make us look not professional enough, white hair has been under criticism for too long. As a result, women often feel obligated, even today, to color their hair as soon as they detect a few white strands which are the first step towards salt and pepper hair. Afterward, it is generally the vicious circle of the colorations which follow one another, with a demarcation that becomes more and more obvious between the lengths which still display the natural color and the roots of the hair which whiten visibly. If consciousnesses are starting to awaken and the taboo of white hair is slowly rising (but surely we hope so!), The appearance of white hair is not always well experienced and it is still discussed very often under the prism of coloring and camouflage. Still, this is a normal hair step that everyone goes through, and one that should be well accepted socially speaking. One thing that three Instagram accounts prove to us wonderfully that showcase white hair the way it deserves, while desecrating coloring, and inviting us to experience this transition from natural color to white hair in a more healthy.


@grombre | 3 Instagram accounts that showcase white hair

Here is an inspiring account that celebrates women who assume their natural white hair. It was created by Martha Truslow Smith, a young American graphic designer who had her first white hair at the age of fourteen and decided to embrace it after spending ten years coloring it. It owes its name - grombe - to the particular effect that the appearance of white hair gives in the hair because it comes from the contraction of the words “gray” - gray in English - and “ombre”, or the coloring effect well known which gives the impression of a gradient in the lengths. Inviting all women to experience the appearance of their white hair with serenity and to love it as it is, it now has no less than 223,000 subscribers. and counts numerous publications of women proudly displaying their graying locks or their salt and pepper hair accompanied by their personal testimony. Curly, straight or frizzy hair, long or short hair… In this feed, you will see all types of white hair and all ages, and it feels good! What better way to manage the appearance of the first gray hair, but also to feel less alone. during the transition (especially when stopping coloring) which is sometimes a difficult moment to manage.


@fiftyyearsofawoman | 3 Instagram accounts that showcase white hair

Caroline Ida is a “silver influencer” - understand a white-haired influencer - and a blogger who speaks more specifically to women aged fifty and over whose issues she knows and experiences. Her blog is named after her Instagram account: Proudly displaying her white hair in her Instagram feed, this positive and enthusiastic woman shares her role as a model with her community through the beautiful photos of her taken for her professional shoots, but also her everyday discoveries and questions, while regularly offering videos in which she talks about caring for gray hair when she is not revealing makeup tutorials to learn how to look beautiful. Enough to stock up on good advice to learn to live in harmony with your white hair, but also to showcase yourself once the hair is adorned with pretty silver locks. In short, we are 100% validating this silver influencer who proves that it is not only men who are in their sixties and that it is high time to change the way society looks at women who do not color. their white hair!



@armelleperves | 3 Instagram accounts that showcase white hair

Armelle Perves is also a silver model, already a model before the arrival of her white hair, she proves that the time that passes in her hair is not a barrier since now she stands out from others because of her beautiful white hair. She, who had her first white hair a little before thirty when she was already working in the fashion world, also went through the coloring stage which is almost systematic for most women as soon as their hair appears. first graying strands. A mechanism ultimately instilled in us by society, which quickly judges women who do not have recourse to it as neglected. But at 51 years old, Armelle decided to put an end to beauty dictates by stopping hair coloring, without cutting her hair, which she had always had long. With this liberating choice, she even made her long white hair one of her charming assets. You only have to scroll through a few of the posts on her Instagram account to see how successful it is for her.

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