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Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Sun


Between the sun, salt, sand, and chlorine, our hair is very rough in the summer. Our vacation homework? Adopt specific treatments, which start from the beach to the shower, and even at night, to take care of our mane and restore it to its full splendor. Discover all the tips and good shopping to protect your hair from the sun and other summer aggressions.

My mission this summer: Take care of my hair

My mission this summer: Take care of my hair | Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Before proceeding with a treatment for your hair, ask yourself the question: what type of hair do you have? Are they dry, greasy, thin, brittle...? This information will help you choose the most suitable treatments so as not to end up with damaged hair at the start of the school year.

From the beach: Suncare

Under the sun, the reflex that we do not necessarily have is to protect our hair. However, a UV filter is as essential for our hair as it is for our skin. Indeed, the sun has harmful effects and tends to make the hair fiber porous and dry. So to avoid the formidable "straw" effect of the end of summer because of all the external aggressions (sun, sand, saltwater...), we apply sun protection before exposure: a special protective oil hair (and not a monoi type oil if you don't want to fry your mane), which will strengthen the hair fiber to protect it from the bad rays of the sun, and give it shine and vitality. As with sunscreen that is applied to the skin, the application of these sun care products is repeated every two hours and after each swim.

Don't want to have damaged hair at the end of the summer? Sea or swimming pool, same fight: for swimming, we equip ourselves with an anti-salt and anti-chlorine shield. Indeed, each time, salt, sand, and chlorine damage and dehydrate the hair fiber. So before the big plunge, we spray a protective wax-based treatment, which will cover the hair and limit attacks without suffocating the hair fiber and which is eliminated with shampoo.

Against external aggressions, shea butter has also proven its worth. A real natural sunscreen for your hair!

In the shower

After the multiple aggressions of summer (sun, sand, salt, chlorine, etc.), you might as well say that the hair needs a gentle wash and some hair care. And this, whether you have long hair, fine hair, oily hair, or even normal hair. During the holidays, to eliminate the oil and offer a hydration bath to our hair, in the shower, we embark on an after-sun “Doudou” ritual. Shampoo, conditioner, mask, spray, serum... nothing is too good to repair our hair fiber.

To nourish deeply during the summer, put on a repairing mask once a week (2 if your hair is really very dry). If you have really dry hair, there's nothing stopping you from making a homemade hair mask from simple ingredients either!


The night

We take advantage of the moment when our body is recovering to treat ourselves to a little "rehab" of dry hair: the oil bath, effective treatment for damaged hair. In the evening, we therefore generously apply vegetable oil (preferably pure) on the lengths and ends before blotting with a towel. When you wake up, the hair is soft, shiny, deeply hydrated. In order not to come close to the overdose, you apply your oil bath once a week maximum, when the hair is really at the SOS stage. Avoid soaking the roots, which is the best way to obtain flatter hair that will regain more quickly.

Good oils for dry hair: olive oil (good quality, virgin, and cold-pressed), castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea oil, coconut oil, monoi oil...

If the oils scare you, you can also opt for the mask option that you leave on overnight. We love the Extraordinary Oil coconut mask, which is applied to all of the hair before going to bed and rinsed off when you get up. With this treatment rich in fine coconut oil, the hair fiber is regenerated, and the hair is supple and delicately scented.

Finally, think about food supplements to help your hair keep its splendor. Many brands offer them.

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