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What Are The Mistakes Made While Giving Weight?


Diet .. We are talking about such a large industry, only in the US last year according to the data of the size of the diet industry is written in the US $ 70 billion. This figure is not the world, only the US shows the budget used for the diet. At this point, when the profit gained from this area is too large, we are confronted with a system open to manipulation where the myths, truths and wrongs are intertwined. There's a lot of information pollution. I need to clean it up :)

When you search for "diet industry" in the search engine, you get about 1 million results. There's so much information on this. In order not to be a dietary veteran, I would like to discuss diet legends as follows:

There are many diet legends, and from which one? When the field is large, the number of wakes in this area is seen to be a big draw. Rogues, according to his advice to you impulse professors or rigging scientists .. With stones you can lose weight, of course not by force before you need to ask. If you crush that stone and crush it in your hand, if you crush it, you lose one million two hundred and eighty six thousand three hundred and forty-two pounds. Do not like the stones, wash your intestines so you can lose weight easily from the intestine. If you do not want to confuse the intestine gut you have a tool we give you vibrations instantly your weight is shaking but not going, tickle a little bit so :) Here is the rule; the more you are well-intentioned and pure, the more number of papers you have. This is natural.

We have not witnessed that such legends have been discussed in cardiology or in glaucoma, cataract, and Alzheimer's disease. Do you know why? Because these areas have confiscated modern medicine. These areas are serious areas, you have to be competent to say something about them. The logic that speaks around here does not work. Unfortunately, diet was not such a serious field, but now it is getting serious.

If you are complaining about your excess weight, it is very simple for all experts to agree with them. The formula is as follows; a small change in your previous eating and movement habits only, "half of what you eat half of what you do" if you apply it, you will lose weight in a healthy and comfortable way. Double your movement to lose weight.

The only food diet is legendary. It's a lie. You can make a chocolate diet and eat chocolate one tablet a day at noon in the morning. A cucumber and a soda. The name is also very nice chocolate diet is ultimately delicious: P You will become a weakened patient at the end of this diet because iron, B12, vitamin D, omega-3 etc. for 1 month. you can not consume any of them only with chocolate and cucumber in your tomb wish happiness.

Cabbage soup diet :) What have my brother got in the cabbage soup debilitating items. Then let's go a little more, what a way we can produce a cabbage capsule, let us sell, as long as you let you die.

Let's weaken with apple cider vinegar :P No! No! No! :)

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