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Healthy Mind: These Acupressure Tricks Help You Relax


Without question, you can do without luxurious extras such as shopping, manicure-pedicures, relaxing massages, or even diving in the day spa in favor of more important things. And yet, in all this praiseworthy sense of responsibility, after all the weeks and months of doing without, a very emotional longing creeps more and more often. Longing for these beloved rituals, which are simply so incredibly good, give new energy and make everyday life much easier.

Healthy Mind: 3 Acupressure Tricks From The Expert

Healthy Mind: 3 Acupressure Tricks From The Expert | Healthy Mind: These acupressure tricks help you relax
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Healthy Mind: Just let go of everything, this should be possible with these professional tricks for acupressure at home

Healthy Mind as a DIY application in 3 steps

According to health experts, in addition to YouTube yoga, hot foam baths, and aromatherapy, targeted acupressure massages can also ensure beneficial relaxation, vitality, and a better inner balance. And also as DIY wellness in self-application! The following Healthy Mind tricks promise to be particularly effective because they relieve tension, stimulate blood flow and oxygen supply to the cells (and the brain), have a mood-enhancing effect, and are also very easy to implement.

Healthy Mind as a DIY application in 3 steps | Healthy Mind: These acupressure tricks help you relax
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Anyone who is not familiar with relaxation massages in general and acupressure techniques, in particular, will be surprised how effective very simple tricks and moves can be. Dr. Juhi Singh, acupressure icon from New York, recommends the following tricks and tools for DIY massage and deep relaxation:

1. Acupressure: massage balls

Balls specially developed for acupressure massage are ideal for loosening muscular tension and relieving pain in terms of their size, surface structure, and tension. Although the rolling and circling massage is easier as a partner massage, with a little know-how and practice it also works easily for self-application. Specifically, it works as follows:

To stimulate blood circulation in the legs, circle the ball back and forth under the sole of the foot and gently press it down. Change the position of the foot and not only work with the middle of the foot but also alternately with the outer and inner edge, the heel, and the toes. If you have neck or back problems, lie flat on the floor and position the ball (or a dumbbell) in the painful area under the body. Gently move your upper body back and forth without loosing contact with the ball or slipping it. If you have hip problems, lay the ball on the appropriate side, place the ball at the trigger point and gently rock it back and forth or roll it up and down its length. The ball massage can also be used to relax sore muscles in the thighs and lower legs, arms, or in the chest area. Five to ten minutes, several times a week.

2. Haptics: Safe hug

There is hardly anything we miss as much as hugs and body contact. And it's not just about the emotional aspect, because direct skin contact triggers an important reaction in the nervous system, which ensures the release of happiness hormones and acts as a mood enhancer. Although this effect cannot be replaced 1:1, according to experts it can at least be imitated. For example, by snuggling up in a particularly soft blanket or your favorite cardigan or snuggling up to your pet (if available).

2. Haptics: Safe hug | Healthy Mind: These acupressure tricks help you relax
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3. Balance: foot reflex zone

Acupressure can also be used if you want to train your deep muscles and stimulate your metabolism. Special massage mats and tools not only stimulate the foot reflex zones but also promote body tension and the ability to concentrate. Stand on the mat, find the ideal body tension from head to toe and keep your balance for a few minutes. Then slowly change position (e.g. lift or stretch out an arm or leg) and hold the new position as long as possible. Exercises the entire body, strengthens the muscle fibers that enclose and stabilize the joints and, thanks to the knobbed surface, stimulates the foot reflex zones at the same time.

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