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Brazilian Straightening, Japanese Straightening... Which Straightening For My Hair?


There are many types of straightening (not to be confused with straightening). But then what to choose between Brazilian smoothing, Japanese smoothing, French smoothing...? We help you determine which semi-permanent straightening to choose according to your hair and your desires. Our advice and explanations.

Brazilian Straightening, Japanese Straightening... Which Straightening For My Hair?

We are never really satisfied with what we have. People with straight hair would like to have curly hair, while those who already have beautiful curls prefer wand straightening. If you are in the latter case, you probably spend a lot of time straightening your hair, sometimes even on a daily basis. So of course there are many methods for this. You can opt for the kardoune - a ribbon of fabric in red and orange colors to wrap around the hair tied in a ponytail to keep it taut and smooth - the classic brushing - done with a round brush and a hairdryer - or even the hair straightener. This last technique is undoubtedly the most effective to obtain impeccable smoothing, with the least possible volume. On the other hand, even with rigorous use of a thermoprotective care spray, the heat of the plates of the straightener attacks the hair during styling and damages it a lot. In the long term, regular use of the straightener will damage your lengths and ultimately make your hair brittle, dull, split, and weakened. To avoid damaging your hair, in case you straighten your hair on a regular basis, you can try semi-permanent straightening.

There is a multitude of semi-permanent straightening (not to be confused with straightening): Brazilian straightening, French straightening, Japanese straightening, tannin straightening... So many names and different techniques for our hair. So what are the differences between these methods? Let us detail these smoothings one by one, and give you our best advice. What do they have in common? They do not modify the structure of the hair, unlike straightening which is a definitive technique. Finally, in addition to smoothing the hair, smoothing brings shine, softness, and nutrition like a treatment. Effects that last between 4 to 6 months.

1. Brazilian straightening

Brazilian straightening is undoubtedly the best known of the semi-permanent straightening. Composed mainly of keratin - a protein naturally present in the hair - Brazilian straightening acts in the same way as a treatment and relaxes the hair up to 80%. It is ideal for people with a thick hair type who want to straighten their hair while maintaining a slight volume.

2. Japanese smoothing

Japanese smoothing is very powerful. It brings even greater results than those of Brazilian smoothing. Concentrated in silk proteins, this gives a very smooth effect. It is suitable for each type of hair, up to the curliest, even frizzy.

3. French smoothing

French smoothing is, like Brazilian, enriched with keratin proteins. Its results are similar to those of the Japanese. It offers a very smooth effect rendering, and without volume. It is aimed at people with thick hair. French smoothing is distinguished in particular by the purple pigments it contains. It smooths the hair, and at the same time, it neutralizes the yellow and orange reflections of blond or streaked hair.


4. Smoothing with tannin

Smoothing with tannin is one of the most natural since it incorporates an acidic vegetable protein. In addition to smoothing the hair, it tightens the scales of the hair and thus provides extreme shine. This tannin technique is for those with fine hair who would like to keep a little volume.

What is the price of smoothing?

The prices depend on many criteria and vary according to the hairdressing salons chosen, the type of straightening performed, or the length and type of your hair (straight, wavy, curly, frizzy, frizzy). Count between 200 and 700 euros for a smoothing service.

Now that you know the differences between the most famous straightening methods, all you have to do is make your choice... then make an appointment at a hair salon!

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