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Hair Color Trends 2023: 5 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer


5 hair colors to try for this spring-summer...

A desire for change? Discover the hair color trends that will punctuate spring-summer 2022 and get inspired!

Hair Color Trends 2023: 5 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

As we are in the middle of December, we are already projecting ourselves into 2022. Designers, hairstylists, and celebrities are starting to announce the trends to come. Make-up, hairstyles, cuts ... what will be the beauty trends for the spring-summer 2022 season? Regarding the hair colors that will be the most fashionable, we turned to Gianni Coppa. The hairdresser and founder of the Parisian salon R'Factory announced and deciphered the 5 major hair color trends that we will see on everyone's heads from spring 2022.

Whether you have a light or dark base, you are bound to find at least one color that will suit your natural hair, but also match your style and your tastes. Moreover, it is not always a question of completely changing color. Certain softer and more discreet colorings such as balayage, rogue hair, roots, or even surfer blonde are trends that enhance your natural color, without covering it in its entirety. But then which one will seduce you the most?

1. Vintage blond or "baby light"

1. Vintage blond or `baby light` | Hair Color Trends 2023: 5 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

Vintage blond (also called "baby light") is a coloring that allows you to have a blond effect. This color is not uniform, it is a cameo with different shades of blond that come to dress the hair. "The baby light brings a luminous effect and makes it possible to change the overall color of the hair. The desired effect is a golden blonde effect, luminous, but very soft" specifies Gianni Coppa of R'Factory.

How to sublimate this coloring?

For maintenance, Gianni Coppa recommends using a routine for highlighted/lightened hair ideally. Also, once a month, do not hesitate to use a chamomile-based shampoo that enhances blonde highlights.

2. The roots

2. The roots | Hair Color Trends 2023: 5 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

At first glance, this trend would have something to scare off. And yet! Let us tell you more and convince you. The roots don't necessarily make a hairstyle look sloppy. In Spring / Summer 2022, darker, more pronounced roots will be in vogue. "We can also play with colored roots" suggests Gianni Coppa.

How to sublimate this trend?

For maintenance, we choose a routine for colored hair. And the good tip to maintain its color is of course to use pigmented masks to bring reflections In the most daring colors.

3. Blond surfer

3. Blond surfer | Hair Color Trends 2023: 5 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

For the surfer blonde trend, "we start from the natural root and then we make by placements (not all over the head, but in some places) a light rather golden blonde which degrades to a lot of blonds. lighter on the ends, polar blond "explains Gianni Coppa. The" surfer "effect is, therefore, a gradient from the natural root to a very light blonde at the ends. The surfer blonde keeps its natural color at the root s. The natural color is finally sublimated by this method. It’s ideal in the summer!

How to sublimate this trend?

To best enhance the surfer effect, Gianni Coppa advises us to use a seawater spray which provides structure to the hair, as if we are out of the beach.


4. Sweeping / Balayage

4. Sweeping / Balayage | Hair Color Trends 2023: 5 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

We no longer present it: the sweep is well known but had almost disappeared. On the occasion of spring-summer 2022, it is back and always wants to be just as subtle. Gianni Coppa advises us to adopt its tone on tone for a rather natural effect and "back from 6 months of vacation". For a more 90s effect, we prefer it very marked and rather contrasted.

How to sublimate your sweep?

Use pigmented or reflective masks for an always flawless sweep. Also, before lunch on the terrace or on a weekend in the countryside, protect your hair with oil or even a sunscreen spray. "A hat or a scarf will also do the trick" specifies Gianni Coppa.

5. Two-tone

5. Two-tone | Hair Color Trends 2023: 5 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

The two-tone will be one of the major hair color trends for this spring-summer 2022. Whether it is rogue hair, contouring, or even the money piece ... dare to fall for two-tone hair. With this fashion, we do not change everything, we sublimate the existing! "This summer, we will bring contrast especially to the contour of the face. The goal is to bring light in contrast of at least 4 tones "As Gianni Coppa points out. The advantage? The two-tone trend brings an immediate wow effect and a healthy glow. I also prefer not to carry out a transformation on the whole hair. Gianni Coppa advises "to choose rather golden or beige shades for a perfect summer effect".

How to sublimate two-tone hair?

"To enhance all these methods of illuminating the face, I recommend to always style your hair with edges that frame the face outwards. This will bring openness to the face, will widen more. the cheekbone and will emphasize your eye "explains Gianni Coppa.

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