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Hair: Here Is The Color That Will Be The Most Trendy In 2023


What hair color will be the most popular in 2021? The eSalon digital home color service reveals the shade that is most popular with its customers.

In terms of coloring, the years go by and are not alike. And if the hairdressers' collections are a mine of information to anticipate the hairstyle trends for spring-summer 2021, consumers, too, are sending strong signals through their hair choices. Health crisis requires, they have strongly turned to home hair colorings, thus revealing their favorite colors through their purchases.

Hair: Here is the color that will be the most trendy in 2023

On eSalon, a bespoke digital coloring service that sold more than 7 million sets in the United States, orders jumped 200% in France in November 2020 and the number of subscribers grew by 232% between 2020 and 2021. And among the 215,000 hair color combinations, some are particularly popular.

Chestnut with warm reflections, trendy coloring for 2021

If the cold blonde continues its rise in 2021, it is the shades of chestnut, from the lightest to the darkest, which seduce the most. In France, 72% of female consumers have opted for it (compared to 69% worldwide). And it is the warm, sunny, and spicy reflections that meet the greatest success. Chestnut with golden reflections come first (they are acclaimed by 24% of women), followed by copper reflections (popular with 20% of French customers, against 12.8% of global requests).

Spicy chestnut, for all skin tones

The spicy chestnut, light and warm brown with golden reflections, suits all skin tones. “We work with a light to dark chestnut base,” explains Thibault, eSalon colorist. I add beige, cool, or warm tones depending on the client's skin tone. For blondes, we darken slightly for more depth ”.

Gourmet brown for warm complexions

The greedy brown with hues of mahogany, befits, as for him, more to the brunette women with the warm complexion. "A clearer base? I recommend that you gradually darken one or two tones per application or opt for tone-on-tone coloring, ”says the expert.

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