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Coconut Milk: Its Super Benefits For Our Hair


Everything is good in the coconut! If we have used coconut oil a lot to care for our lengths, coconut milk is also a great treatment for dry, damaged, and brittle hair.

More and more natural ingredients are found in our bathrooms. The first to have entered? Coconut oil! All-round vegetable oil is renowned for its multiple beauty benefits. Coconut oil heals the hair, the skin of the body, and the face... We then stayed on coconut oil, without thinking that coconut contained many other secrets. Coconut water, for example, now incorporates many skincare products; and more recently, coconut milk has featured in our hair beauty routine. Not to be confused with coconut water which corresponds to the juice found inside the coconut, nor with coconut oil which is extracted from grinding the coconut. Coconut milk is a mixture of grated coconut and water packed with benefits for our hair.

Coconut milk: Its super benefits for our hair

Coconut milk moisturizes and sublimates the hair

Coconut milk is not only known for its sweet, intoxicating scent. It is also renowned for its super hydrating powers and is recommended for dry, damaged, brittle hair. To fully benefit from it, we advise you to use it as follows, once a week, just before bedtime: apply coconut milk, preferably organic, to all of your hair, wick by the wick. Then cover your hair with cellophane film or a plastic cap. This 100% natural treatment will thus be able to impregnate the hair and deeply penetrate the hair fiber throughout the night. In the morning, when you wake up, you can then go in the shower, clean, and then rinse your hair. After drying, you will be able to admire the result: well-hydrated hair, and therefore necessarily sublimated. Your lengths will be much softer and above all very shiny!

Coconut milk: the solution to make your hair grow faster

Coconut milk is known to be a real booster for our hair growth. So, if you dream of much longer hair, look no further! The miracle solution lies in coconut milk - to choose organic, preferably. For this, once a week, we advise you to apply it with a brush at the roots, line by line. You can then cover your hair with cellophane or a plastic cap for the night and rinse the treatment / natural mask when you wake up. Of course, the results will not be visible the next day; but rather after several weeks, even several months. On the other hand, the next day, you will be able to discover a healthier scalp, and in perfect health, especially if you tend to have a dry scalp.

Coconut milk, this new 100% natural detangling conditioner

Coconut milk is therefore known in tropical countries to hydrate the hair, sublimate it, help it grow faster, but also to perfectly disentangle the most aggressive manes. Coconut milk can therefore simply be used as a conditioner. After making your shampoo, all you have to do is leave coconut milk, preferably organic, on your ends and lengths for a few minutes. Rinse, and enjoy the brushing that will be done so easily!

This trick is well known, and it is, therefore, no coincidence that you find coconut milk-based care products on the market, such as detangling, mask, and conditioner. We are thinking in particular of these 3 different treatments: the nourishing conditioner with coconut milk from Maui Moisture, the nourishing conditioner Lait de Coco et Macadamia from Garnier Ultra Doux, or the Lait de Coco conditioner from Herbal Essences.


Haircare with coconut milk, for whom?

Coconut milk can be used by everyone ... or almost! While it saves thick and/or curly hair, it is also great for all other hair types. On the other hand, if your hair is colored, the use of coconut milk is not recommended. Indeed, coconut milk disgorges the coloring, and in particular, natural, such as that carried out with henna for example.

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