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Why You Shouldn'T Wash Your Hair In The Shower?


Washing our hair in the shower at the same time as the body is a habit. However, the order in which we proceed is not without consequences for the epidermis. Here is why you should always wash your hair before the body.

Why you shouldn't wash your hair in the shower?

For practicality and convenience, we tend to kill two birds with one stone by washing hair and body at the same time. This common habit is not without consequences depending on the order in which we proceed. "A lot of people make the mistake of washing the body and then washing the hair ... But I always recommend washing the hair and then the body," explains a dermatologist with Glamor. In question? The active ingredients of certain shampoos and conditioners. Intended for treating the hair, they can have an impact on the epidermis if they are not properly rinsed. At stake? "Irritation from delicate skin or worsening acne." According to his expertise, the shampoo foam that runs down the back, or even on the face, contains active chemicals that can cause skin conditions such as "bacne", the acne that develops on the back. These products, if rinsed improperly, can also leave a film on the skin. She also explains that poorly rinsed conditioners have been pointed out because "they prevent SPFs from working to their potential". Sun protection is therefore compromised. The magazine states: "Make sure to wash your face and body after your hair will prevent this from happening." Another expert goes even further by recommending washing the hair separately, reserving the shampoo at a dedicated time.

A generous mousse but not too much

When shampooing, we often have the habit of applying a good dose of the product, even if it means overloading our hair, in order to create a generous and creamy lather. The assurance, at first glance, of cleaning it well and making it clean... Only exacerbates oily hair. “When washing hair, it is important to use a minimum amount of shampoo as it can get heavy,” a hairdresser told Glamor. The expert gives a precise measurement: "In general, a quantity of product equal to the size of a 10 pence coin is sufficient". This corresponds to a fifty euro cent coin, of equivalent diameter. To avoid oily hair, the expert also recommends rinsing the hair with lukewarm water, avoiding excessively hot temperatures, and finishing with a cold spray... to boost shine.

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