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Lose Weight Without Hunger - In Record Time? How The Sirtfood Diet Works?

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New diet trends appear at regular intervals, which are tested by stars or developed by nutrition experts. One principle that has endured is low carb. A new variant of this form of nutrition, the sirtfood diet, should now achieve effects even faster.

Lose Weight Without Hunger - In Record Time? How The Sirtfood Diet Works?

Lose weight with the sirtfood diet

The name already reveals what the diet is based on in principle: So-called sirtfoods are all those foods that stimulate the fat-burning enzyme sirtuin and reduce the extra pounds.

The basis of the sirtfood diet is the scientific knowledge that certain herbal substances stimulate the activity of the body's own sirtuins, as does fasting. Aidan Goggins and Glen Metten, the nutritionists and authors of the bestselling diet of the same name, are convinced that a diet based on the sirtuin principle not only leads to a dream figure with pleasure but also with pleasure. As long as you combine the right foods in a targeted manner and trick your metabolism in this way.

Lose weight with the sirtfood diet | Lose Weight Without Hunger - In Record Time? How The Sirtfood Diet Works?

Examples of phytochemicals that are considered to be sirtuin activators are allicin, which gives garlic its typical aroma, capsaicin, which is mainly found in chilies, and curcumin, which turmeric owes its yellow color.

Sirtfoods not only effectively boost fat burning, but also protect the organism from cell damage, heart disease, or cancer and slow down the general aging process. In addition, sirtuins prevent typical food cravings, support muscle building, and cellular fitness, and strengthen the immune system. What a sirtuin diet simplifies immensely: Sirtfoods are neither particularly fancy nor boring. These are everyday foods, especially fruits and vegetables. By the way, chocolate is also allowed.

Most important sirt foods for weight loss

The basics first: All foods in the sirtfood diet are plant-based. Fruit and vegetables, but also spices and herbs provide valuable sirtuins. Typical sirt foods are apples, blueberries, raspberries, and citrus fruits as well as broccoli, kale, tomatoes, rocket, onions, celery, garlic, parsley, chili, turmeric, walnuts, and cashew nuts. Sirtuins are also found in dark chocolate with 85 percent cocoa and in red wine. These foods are supplemented with proven protein sources that are familiar from the low-carb diet: soy products, white meat, or eggs.

3 phases of the sirtfood diet

As a diet with quick results, Aidan Goggins and Glen Metten recommend a strict three-phase diet plan. The first three days are similar to fasting. With a strongly reduced diet (around 1000 calories per day are allowed) the self-cleaning process of the cells is activated and the metabolism gets going. Accordingly, you can drink three green smoothies or juices and eat one sirt food meal during the three days.

The second phase is supposed to push the fat-burning further and at the same time increase the energy expenditure. Specifically, 1500 calories are then provided daily in the form of two sirtfood juices and two sirtfood meals. The third phase serves to stabilize the new, slimmer silhouette and should be continued for at least another week or longer. In addition to the still indispensable sirt foods, increasingly protein sources and essential fats are allowed here.

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