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Easily Get Rid Of A Reddish Cast In Your Hair


Something annoying: we have just dyed our hair and suddenly we discover a red cast that falsifies the desired result. With a few tricks and a little patience, however, we can fix something. We show how the unwanted red cast can be removed.

Get rid of red tinge in your hair: Here's how it works

Get rid of red tinge in your hair: Here's how it works | Easily Get Rid Of A Reddish Cast In Your Hair
We'll tell you the best tricks against a reddish cast in your hair.

Get rid of red tinge in your hair: Here's how it works | Easily Get Rid Of A Reddish Cast In Your Hair
We declare war on the red cast with home remedies or special care products!

Red cast in the hair: where does it come from?

This can have very different causes. One reason, for example, is that hair dyeing residues or combinations of previous dyeings can contain too many reddish pigments or do not combine well with the natural hair color - which is why a red sheen is created. It can also happen that red pigments remain due to lightning. When the hair is lightened, it is bleached. This means that pigments are removed. Compared to light and dark pigments, red pigments are the hardest to remove from the hair. They are much smaller and sit more stubbornly in the hair structure. For this reason, when lightening the mane, a reddish sheen can often occur: the dark pigments can be removed first, the reddish pigments remain.

What can be done against the red tinge?

First: go to the hairdresser. Always let the professional do the work, especially if you have severe discoloration. In such cases, it is better not to experiment yourself, because you risk, for example, severe hair damage or color accidents that can no longer be repaired.

Silver shampoo: Such shampoos are actually designed for bleached hair with a yellow tinge. They contain purple pigments that are complementary to yellow. For this reason, the shampoo only helps when the red tinge is yellow-orange. Otherwise, it is better to keep your hands off it before the color result gets worse.

Shampoos with a green or blue cast: These are the better choice because they are specially designed for reddish-orange color casts. For example, the “No Orange” set from Fanola, consisting of a mask and shampoo.

Use a tint: A tint wash can also help get rid of the reddish cast. This is where the color-correcting effect comes into play again. A cool color, ideally green as a complementary color, can balance out the reddish tinge in the hair. In the hairdressing world, "ashy" means a green undertone. Therefore, choose an ash blonde tint. Important: The packaging must state that it is a cool tone. Because that means that there are cool color pigments in it, such as blue or green. These are great for tackling the red in your hair.


Perfect home remedy for a reddish cast in your hair

If you don't want to resort to chemistry and would rather try a home remedy first, you can try black tea. Chamomile tea is said to have a lightening effect, while black tea darkens the hair when you wash your hair. With a minimal red cast, the tea can have a balancing effect. Don't expect instant or perfect results with this home remedy.

How to use the home remedy:

  1. Boil the black tea and let it steep for an extra-long time.
  2. Let the tea cool down well. When it's cool enough, pour over the mane and leave for ten minutes.
  3. Now wrap a towel around your hair and allow another 30 minutes to take effect.
  4. Then rinse the hair well and repeat if necessary until an effect is visible.

Note: If you try to go from dark hair color to a light one, this usually takes several steps. It is quite normal for a red tinge to be seen in the hair after the first few sessions. As we now know, all other color pigments disappear first, while the red ones persist. These only disappear over time due to the bleaching - so here it is necessary to be patient a little until the desired result is achieved.

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